How to buy hearing aids during Covid-19?

Last update on Apr, 30, 2021

Buying hearing aids during the pandemic?

This time of extreme uncertainty has raised concerns about what can and cannot be done during this period and most importantly, what services can and will be provided. 

Amplifon's number one priority is ensuring that you hear the world around you with clarity. So, let’s find out more about why you should choose to buy hearing aids during a pandemic.

Using hearing aids to prevent social isolation

Good hearing enables you to live your ife to the fullest and communicate with your loved ones, whether they are nearby or far away. One of the most trying consequences of this pandemic has been the unprecedented social isolation as a result of social distancing. For this reason, now more than ever, having the possibility to communicate with those we care about is fundamental to our quality of life.

How to choose the right hearing aid during the Coronavirus pandemic?

Find out about Amplifon's hearing aid selection

There is no one-size-fits-all hearing aid. To find the right one for you, it is necessary to fully understand your needs, consider your degree of hearing loss in order to compare hearing aids.

Amplifon offers a wide range of hearing aids from four different product families. Designed to perfectly fit your ear’s anatomy, our hearing aids come in a variety of styles equipped with the latest technologies, such as invisible hearing aids.

Let’s explore our full range of products. 

Ampli-mini: Amplifon's invisible hearing aids - comfortable, lightweight and easy to use;

Ampli-connect: Amplifon’s small and discreet digital hearing aids that connect to smartphones, stereos and TVs; 

Ampli-energy: Amplifon’s rechargeable hearing aids. Reliable and convenient, you can enjoy up to 30 hours of battery life;

Ampli-easy: Amplifon’s classic hearing aids with essential functionality

Choose hearing devices that meet your needs

There are many different types of hearing aids, so how do you go about choosing the hearing aid that works best for you? Always remember that the answer differs from person to person and that the model you choose should be based on your particular lifestyle needs and degree of hearing loss.

If you don’t know where to begin, a great way to start navigating the world of hearing aid technology is by understanding the different models that exist. 

Trust our hearing health specialists

Each Amplifon clinic is run by highly qualified experts who use the most innovative technologies to guarantee excellent service. Quality, professionalism and experience are hallmarks of the Amplifon brand, whose main objective is to understand your needs and lifestyle to help you find the most suitable hearing aids.

Thanks to the extraordinary protocol established by our experts, we can transform the way you hear the world around you in complete safety. 


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