Marion's Hearing Story

Last update on Sep, 11, 2018

Marion first started noticing changes in his hearing at the age of 25 but was unsure what was actually happening. He started to ask his friends to repeat themselves or speak louder as he struggled to hear and relied on body language and people's reactions to help understand what was being said. Lip reading then became a normality. 

Amplifon for me means service and technology at the same time

Marion was diagnosed with Tinnitus which he describes as a ringing and a buzzing in his ears. 

Walking down Kensington High Street into Amplifon looking for batteries. After some time Marion met his Audiologist Vincent who showed him the latest digital hearing aids as he was after something new with state of the art technology that was really small and discreet so that he could hear the world around him. 

"For me personally the new hearing aids are brilliant and I've used them for 7-8 months now and have definitely improved my life. Above all that, its the service, because Amplifon for me means service and technology at the same time."

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