Hearing aid types

Receiver-in-canal (RIC)

Smart and discreet

As a smart and discreet solution to your hearing needs, the RIC (Receiver in the ear canal) hearing aid is a modified version of BTE. It transmitts sound in a different way from BTE's. The sound reaches the ear canal via a discreet wire/ the recievers . The sound is direclty delivered into the earcanal, whereas the Hearing aid sits behind the ear.

A mini case

Ease of use

Daily comfort

Powerful performance

A mini case

Barely noticable

The RIC hearing aid is thinner and smaller than the classic hearing aids. For an almost invisible result it slips completely behind the ear. To match with the skin colour or hair, customisation of the case colours makes it even more discreet.
A woman wearing an RIC hearing aid

Ease of use

Just wear it and forget

RIC hearing aids can easily be worn, with minimal effort. It also provides easy access to program buttons and/battery location. 

Daily comfort

Optimal listening comfort

Suitable for mild-to-severe hearing loss, RIC provides the most comfortable listening in various situations giving constant Noise Reduction features. RIC hearing aids allow you to concentrate precisely on the speech of an interlocutor.
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Powerful performance

Best sound quality

To deliver the most natural hearing experience, RIC hearing aids come with the latest sound processing technologies. RIC hearing aids can be very helpful in recognising the direction of sound(localisation).

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