Ear Care Day - Tuesday March 3rd

Last update on Dec, 04, 2017

This year, Tuesday March 3rd is International Ear Care Day. The focus of 2015's awareness day will be on making the act of listening safe, specifically targeting preventable sound damage. 

The event will target young adults and teenagers in the hope to create awareness of how using MP3 players and other music devices can be potentially dangerous to their hearing.

The day encourages people to turn down the volume of their devices, making them aware of the everyday activities that could actually be damaging their hearing. With the rise in popularity of nightclubs, portable music devices and smartphones, recent statistics show that one in five teenagers now experience some level of hearing loss.

How using MP3 players and other music devices can be potentially dangerous to their hearing

According to the World Health Organization, noisy entertainment is responsible for putting the hearing of over one billion teens and young adults around the world in danger of being damaged.In India hearing loss affects 67 million people. Hearing damage can also lead to other concerns, including anxiety, loneliness and sometimes depression.                        

That's why this Tuesday March 3rd, we're encouraging people to take better care of their hearing, and make note of how loud is too loud. You can take a look at our sound damage guide here, and find out how you can protect your ears from noise-induced hearing loss.

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