Behind The Ear Hearing Aids

At Amplifon, we offer a wide range of the latest, high performance hearing aids from the world's leading international manufacturers.
The most important issues in determining which hearing aid is right for your loved ones are the results of their hearing test, their lifestyle, the style of hearing aid that they prefer and their level of dexterity. Based on these four key factors, their hearing aid audiologist will recommend the hearing aids that are most appropriate for them to ensure that they will satisfy their individual needs and that they will feel comfortable and confident wearing them every day.
There are three main types of hearing aid each with their own fitting styles. Their hearing aid audiologist will help them choose the type that is right for them.

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Explore our product range and find out more about the power and performance that you could be experiencing with a behind the ear hearing solution. With a variety of sleek slimline models to choose from, your new sound adventure is just one step away.

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