What are in the ear hearing aids?

In the ear hearing (ITE) aids are small devices that sit within the outer ear and amplify sound. They consist of a customised moulded casing that fits safely inside the ear, and although visible, in the ear hearing aids are very discreet.

They boast all the latest advances in hearing technology as a very small device to provide you with optimal hearing, comfort and convenience. In ear hearing aids are suitable for adults with mild, moderate or severe hearing loss and can help you regain the freedom of confidence in your hearing ability.


Benefits of in the ear hearing aids

  • Made to fit your lifestyle and budget

In the ear hearing aids come in a range of different colours. You can be sure of finding ones to match your hair and skin tone so they are barely noticeable without looking closely. Some people prefer the in the ear versus the more conventional behind the ear styles. 

  • Quick and comfortable

It can take just 10 minutes to take the impression of your ears for perfectly fitting hearing aids. Your audiologist uses these earmoulds to create your custom-made in the ear hearing aids. This bespoke approach ensures the finished aids are an exact match for the contours of your ears, and it’s all part of the Amplifon service.

  • Cutting edge technology packed into a tiny device

Modern in the ear hearing aids are highly sophisticated pieces of equipment. These hearing products use noise reduction and directional technology for more natural hearing.

You no longer have to put up with high-pitched squealing noises when you use the phone. It’s also easier to distinguish between different sounds, and to follow conversations. Some options even offer MP3 players and Bluetooth connectivity for your comfort and entertainment!

  • Easy to handle and control

Whilst smaller hearing aids might be more discreet, you may find that some of the larger in ear styles easier to put in place or remove especially of you may be experiencing dexterity problems. This can also makes in ear hearing aids easier to clean and maintain.


In the ear hearing aid prices

Amplifon offers three product options: Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. There are in the ear hearing aids within each package offering different features and prices.

  • Gold package

The Gold package prices for in the ear hearing aids start from £632 per pair. These are designed primarily for home users who want to listen to the radio or TV with ease or comfortably enjoy one-to-one conversations again. The ReSound Vea 1 may be the solution for you.

The highest level in the ear product within the Gold package is the ReSound Enya 2 digital hearing aid. A pair of these cost £1,118. The ReSound Enya 2 is great for home use and in social situations. This model includes two microphones and Noise Tracker II technology, which allows you to follow conversations without any background noise more easily.

  • Platinum package

The Platinum package has products suitable for mild, severe, or even profound hearing loss. This model also offers Bluetooth connectivity, making it easy to control via your smartphone or tablet.  

The Platinum range has digital hearing aids from £2,379 for a pair. These aids automatically adjust to your surroundings and mimic the way your ears naturally work. They are suitable for mild to severe hearing loss.    

  • Diamond package

The in the ear hearing aids in the Diamond package start with the ReSound LiNX²9, a pair of which costs £2,999. The most advanced in the ear model within this package is the Widex Super 440, available at £3,499 for two.

Both models are suitable for most people, even those with either severe or profound hearing loss. They also use zonal separation to help you locate sound from any direction, while softening the impact of abrupt loud noises.

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