04 December 2017

Around the World in Sound

Travel around the world in sound. Sound helps us to make sense of the world around us, and certain sounds can trigger memories. A recent survey by Amplifon, the worldwide dedicated hearing specialist found that two thirds of Brits say sounds evoke memories of places they have visited. 
04 December 2017

Antibiotic with known link to hearing loss made safer

04 December 2017

Antibiotic with known link to hearing loss made safer

The type of antibiotic known as aminoglycoside has been recently altered by scientists to make it safer for patients. Previously, the drug has been known to cause side effects such as hearing loss and kidney damage and are used to treat serious infections and sepsis. 

The Stroud News and Journal explains how these serious side effects occur in approximately 20 per cent to 60 per cent of those given them. The drugs are often used to treat new born babies, too.

At present, the drugs damage the hair cells in the inner ear, so much so that they result in a loss of hearing. Although it has only been tested in mice, the alterations to the drugs make it unable to do this, while still targeting the problem being treated.

Professor Anthony Ricci of Stanford University said: "If we can eventually prevent people from going deaf from taking these antibiotics, in my mind, we will have been successful. Our goal is to replace the existing aminoglycosides with ones that aren't toxic."

Dr Alan Cheng, a co-author to the study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, added: "When a drug causes hearing loss it is devastating, and it's especially disturbing when this happens to a young child as they rely on hearing to acquire speech."

The news also comes as the first annual report of Improving Outcomes - A Strategy for Cancer was published, which charts the NHS' progress in its target of saving 5,000 more lives from cancer by 2014/15.

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Nov 4th 2016