Keeping hearing aids on at night

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Are you curious about the possibility of sleeping while wearing hearing aids? While it is technically feasible, it is not recommended. To learn more, please refer to our article.

Can you sleep with hearing aids?

The answer is no! It is best to remove your hearing aids during the night, as it is important to let your ears rest and let the hearing aids recharge. It is therefore ideal to remove the hearing aids, open the battery doors and store them in their designated case on your bedside table. This practice will help prolong the battery life of your device.

Learn about some of the reasons why wearing hearing aids at night should be avoided:


Sleeping with hearing aids is not always comfortable! Both BTE and ITE devices may cause rubbing and exert pressure on the ears, particularly when lying on one's side. This can cause pain and irritation in the ears. Furthermore, some hearing aids can be extremely powerful, depending on the setting used. It is therefore possible to hear noises from outside, such as car horns, during the night. This can affect the sleep cycle and make you more nervous.

Battery life

If you keep your hearing aids on overnight, you unnecessarily drain the battery because you do not need to hear anything. Therefore, it is important to remove the hearing aids and open the battery door to reduce accidental battery drain, when not wearing them. If you use a rechargeable hearing aid, the easiest way to recharge it is at night.

Hearing aid whistling

If the hearing aid is lying against the sheets or pillow, it can get pressed and create unwanted noise, such as rustling or whistling, due to the microphone's proximity to the object. These noises can be disruptive to your sleep cycle.

Ear pain

Sleeping with hearing aids is uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. If you lie on your side with the hearing aids behind your ear, your ears are likely to hurt in the morning.

Why choose Amplifon?

By choosing Amplifon as your hearing care provider, you’re choosing to be cared and looked after by qualified and experienced Audiologists who can help change the way you listen to the world around you.

Is it dangerous to sleep with hearing aids?

It is possible to accidentally fall asleep one day with your hearing aids in your ears. In this case, there is no risk of malfunction. The real danger is the discomfort of wearing the hearing aids or losing them during the night. Try to get into the habit of storing your hearing aids in a safe place so that you do not lose them.

Can hearing aids improve sleep?

Some hearing care professionals claim that hearing aids can improve sleep, but there are many caveats to consider (as illustrated above). It is important, not only for your hearing health but also for the effectiveness of hearing aids, to remove them whenever possible, e.g. before sleeping or taking a shower. By performing regular maintenance and cleaning, hearing aids can function properly for several years.

Benefits of hearing aids

Hearing aids are highly effective, durable and high-tech devices that can improve a person's daily life. There are always new innovations, functions and improvements. To learn more about how hearing aids work, how to care for them or for any other advice, please contact our hearing care specialists. You can also take our free online hearing test to check your hearing from home!

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