Hearing aids manufacturers

How many hearing aids manufacturers are there?

Hearing aids can significantly transform your quality of life. Depending on the severity and type of hearing loss, there are a wide range of models available from a variety of brands. In this article, we will discuss the leading manufacturers of hearing aids in UK.


Phonak was founded in Zurich in 1947. Famous for its innovative technology, known as Phonak AutoSense OS, which can capture and analyze environmental noise and merge the features of multiple programs in real time to provide a smooth listening experience. Currently, the most cutting-edge models are the Lyric, Bolero, Audeo Paradise and Virto.

Phonak hearing aids models

Phonak Audeo S.

The Phonak Audeo S is available in BTE and ITE designs. It is suitable for mild to severe hearing loss. The hearing aid has various filter functions that ensure a personalized sound perception. Environment noise, like wind noise, does not cause noise pollution. The hearing aid is compatible with various communication devices as it is Bluetooth enabled. The advanced audio microprocessor is protected by a high quality ceramic housing.

Phonak Bolero Q

Phonak Bolero Q is a BTE hearing aid available in different technology levels. It is therefore suitable for moderate hearing loss, but also for severe hearing loss. Thanks to the VoiceStream and Rear Ear Sound binaural technologies used, the hearing aid can focus on the most important noises, record them in the best sound quality and at the same time block out annoying noises. The high-quality housing protects the technology from moisture and dirt.

Phonak Virto

The Phonak Virto is a state-of-the-art ITE hearing aid. With its technology, completely in the ear, it ensures clear and full sound. Thanks to the latest technology, the Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid can independently adjust the volume of the background noise. This means there are no unpleasant background noises. The nearly invisible device also offers the ability to phone hands-free and listen to music.


On the market for almost a century, Oticon is known for its high-quality products. Its hearing aids cost slightly more than average, but the price is justified by its top-grade features and wide assortment of models.

Oticon hearing aids models

Oticon OPN

Oticon OPN models are available as BTE, ITE and RIC hearing aids and feature advanced artificial intelligence technology. The Oticon OPN creates natural sound by amplifying and tracking individual noises. In addition, you can constantly connect your hearing aid to the Internet so that it can alert you, for example, when a new message appears on your mobile phone.

Oticon GET

Oticon GET is particularly suitable for people who have never used a hearing aid before, with mild to moderate hearing loss. The simple design of the device is available in the BTE and RIC variant. Oticon GET has a filter function that makes it easy to customize for each user.

Oticon RIA

Oticon RIA is available as a BTE and ITE hearing aid. It is suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss. The hearing aid can be adapted to the color of the skin and hair with different colors, so that it looks practically invisible.

Oticon ALTA

Oticon ALTA is a top-class hearing aid that helps with any hearing loss and is available in BTE and ITE forms. With SpeechGuard technology, Oticon ALTA creates a pleasant and clear sound. The technology classifies tones, filters background noises and focuses on the interlocutor.


Signia offers a variety of hearing aids, including Motion Nx, Motion X and Pure 312X. Among the most innovative features offered by Signia is Signia Xperience, a technology based on revolutionary motion sensors, which allows the subject to take an active part in conversations, even in the most chaotic places.

Signia (previously Siemens) hearing aids models

Signia Styletto

Signia Styletto is a BTE hearing aid available with NX or X technology. The hearing aid, designed specifically for an active lifestyle, is powered by a rechargeable battery, which offers up to 19 hours of hearing performance at a time. Signia Styletto is the first hearing aid with a shape called “SLIM-RIC”. It is significantly narrower than conventional hearing aids. However, it offers extremely clear sounds.

Signia Silk

Although the hearing aid is almost invisible, Signia Silk has a wide variety of technologies within it, such as the HD music program, SpeechMaster, Echo Shield and Primax technology. These technologies ensure optimal speech understanding in a wide variety of situations.

Signia Pure

Signia Pure is a BTE hearing aid suitable for moderate to severe hearing loss. Thanks to the SpeechFocus technology, it automatically detects the direction from which the noises to be perceived are coming and guarantees a better understanding of speech.

Signia Motion

Signia Motion is a BTE hearing aid. It is suitable for anyone with moderate to profound hearing loss. The control elements of the hearing aid can be individually adjusted to create an optimal hearing capacity tailored to the customer.


The Danish company Widex is the sixth largest hearing aid manufacturer in the world. The company has been developing hearing aids since 1956. To meet customer needs, Wide offers its hearing aids in different shapes and colors. The company's goal is to restore a natural hearing experience to hearing impaired people.

Widex hearing aids models

Widex Beyond

Widex Beyond enables clear sound quality even in noisy environments through innovative technologies. Widex Beyond's compact design makes the hearing aid quite invisible. The hearing aid is especially recommended for iPhone users as it is connectable to Apple devices. This means, for example, that you can use Skype audio, listen to podcasts, or stream music and videos directly through your hearing aid.

Widex Dream

The Widex Dream is available in BTE and ITE designs and is suitable for almost all types of hearing loss. Thanks to the new True Input technology, significantly more input signals can be recorded than with previous hearing aids. This is why this hearing aid is particularly suitable for people who often frequent noisy environments.

Widex Unique

The Widex Unique is available in ITE and BTE versions. The hearing aid consists of a microphone system, a speaker and a sound processor. The powerful processor recognizes the different noise levels and processes them in such a way as to create a natural and pleasant sound. Widex Unique models differ in performance and price range


Headquartered in Denmark, ReSound offers hearing aids with iSolate nanotechnology, a unique ultra-thin coating that forms a protection against sweat, condensation and moisture. Compared to other brands, the model range is smaller.

Resound hearing aids models

ReSound Enya

ReSound Enya is available as a BTE and ITE hearing aid. The wireless hearing aid impresses with its slim appearance and good sound quality. Even in noisy environments, it is not a problem to hear the person you are talking to. With a directional microphone system, annoying background noises are blocked resulting in excellent speech understanding.

ReSound Enzo

The ReSound Enzo BTE hearing system is suitable for mild to profound hearing loss. Surround sound technology creates a natural hearing experience in both ears. The small and sturdy design of the hearing aid ensures a comfortable feel. ReSound Enzo is of particular interest to iPhone owners, as it can be connected primarily to these Apple products.

ReSound Linx

ReSound is a very small BTE hearing aid suitable for mild to profound hearing loss. It can be directly connected to the iPhone without accessories and managed through it. Thanks to the technologies used, it automatically adapts to the background noise and allows excellent spatial hearing. The hearing aid also automatically suppresses background noise. ReSound Linx is the flagship product of the ReSound product range and creates a particularly natural sound experience for the user.

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