Invisible hearing aids prices & costs

How much do in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids cost?

ITE, or invisible hearing aids are, as their name implies, the least visible of their kind available. They are particularly appreciated by people attentive to their appearance who prefer less visible options. There is no fixed price for this type of hearing aid since, as with all other devices, it varies according to the model, its technical features and other factors. Various financing options are available at Amplifon for the purchase of invisible hearing aids.

Price ranges of invisible hearing aids

The prices of invisible hearing aids, like those of hearing aids in general, vary widely and are divided into different price brackets, according to differences in their technology, the number of channels available, sound clarity and other features. In each price range, Amplifon offers high quality hearing aids, all fully tried and tested, and guaranteed by our experts’ knowledge and experience.

Basic mini hearing aids

Hearing aids with a particularly small, almost invisible design can also be found in Amplifon's basic price range. Hearing aids in this price range are equipped with features ensuring excellent sound quality, even in noisy environments, thanks to the presence of directional microphones. Many of these devices are wireless and allow the device to be connected to various other accessories. An entry-level device costs between 839£ and  1479£

Middle class mini hearing aids

Mid-range hearing aids feature particularly sophisticated technology enabling excellent speech comprehension, even in difficult listening situations such as in traffic or wind and background noise. They have more filters and acoustic programmes than devices in the entry-level price bracket. In this category of Amplifon hearing aids, we also offer Bluetooth and Made for Iphone hearing aids.   Their price in an Amplifon centre start from 1049£  to 1849£.

Premium Bluetooth Hearing Aids

The premier price bracket contains the best hearing aids available. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, in this type of hearing aid speech comprehension is perfect in every listening situation, including the most complex ones. Compared to hearing aids in other price ranges, these hearing aids have intelligent filters and listening situation recognition that automatically sets the most suitable programme for the specific environment. These hearing aids are also effective if you are in echoey or particularly noisy places. Their price in an Amplifon centre start from 2499£ to 3149£
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Costs for invisible hearing aids

Purchase cost

As mentioned above, the purchase price of an invisible hearing aid varies according to several factors. However, the cost range for this type of hearing aid is between 499£ and 3999£.

Maintenance costs

Following purchase, there are costs to be borne for the maintenance of a hearing aid over the years. First amongst these are the batteries, which will need to be changed with greater or less frequency depending on the model and, above all, on how well it has been used. Obviously, these costs are greatly reduced if one chooses to purchase a rechargeable hearing aid.

Care and cleaning are another aspect to be taken into consideration for the proper maintenance of a hearing aid. At purchase, the first cleaning kit will be provided free of charge. Remember that maintenance is important to maximise the life of your hearing aid. The cost of repairing or fitting your Amplifon hearing aid is totally free of charge until the warranty expires, one of the many benefits of Amplifon customers, which minimises the post-purchase costs of a hearing aid.

Overview of mini hearing aid models

One of the best models of invisible hearing aids you can find at Amplifon is the Ampli-Mini I 5, a miniature hearing aid providing both high performance and comfort. This model is lightweight, comfortable and designed to be placed completely inside the ear canal. It also features Bluetooth connectivity for both Android and iPhone and excellent adaptation to different listening environments.

Another top model is the Ampli-Mini R 5, a miniature hearing aid providing minimum visibility combined with unparalleled comfort and excellent performance. Amongst its features, this hearing aid is water and dust resistant and has automatic room recognition, ensuring the best sound quality and comfort wherever you are. Furthermore, thanks to directional microphones, it directs the listening to your interlocutor for better speech comprehension.

Get small hearing aids insured?

Your invisible hearing aid is a valuable and delicate asset, which is why it may be a good idea to consider taking out insurance to ensure peace of mind and avoid unexpected costs should problems arise after the warranty period.

Financing invisible hearing aids

Health insurance

If you wear an invisible hearing aid, you should consider taking out hearing aid insurance to protect yourself against damage, theft and loss that may occur over the course of its lifetime and negate the positive effects of wearing a hearing aid. Come and visit us at one of the Amplifon centres, our hearing aid specialists will be ready to help you understand if your insurance covers part of the cost of your hearing aids. 

Buy mini hearing aid in installments

Thanks to Amplifon’s financing options, you can spread the costs of your hearing aids easily, conveniently and flexibly over the period of use. Furthermore, payment in instalments offers a number of additional benefits and therefore greater convenience, particularly in the case of hearing aids whose use extends over time. Find out more on the dedicated page.
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