Hear My Story – Ami Roberts

Through Ami's eyes

When she was diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss in her right ear after the birth of her second child, influencer Ami Roberts hadn’t realised just how many others were in the same boat.

“Talking about my experience on social media opened up this whole new world of people – oh my goodness, there are so many people who have hearing loss – even one of the other mums on the school run has a hearing aid!”

As well as being a digital creator on her ‘Through Ami’s Eyes’ social channels, Ami is a hearing aid wearer, news editor and mum of two little boys.

And it was the sound of her baby’s cry that she was hearing that first alerted Ami to a potential issue with her hearing.

“After my second son was born, the level of volume of his cry wasn’t sounding right – my husband said it didn’t seem normal for me either and suggested I went to get my hearing checked.”

It turned out Ami did need a hearing aid, even though she figured she was only young and couldn’t possibly have any real issues with her hearing.

“I had always noticed a slight difference with my hearing between one side and the other but never thought it was bad enough to need a hearing aid.”

Her advice to others who may be struggling with their hearing?

“Just go and get tested! Tests are free, you can get great advice – what’s the worst that’s going to happen?”

We recently invited Ami to one of our stores to try out our free hearing test and free hearing aid trial which she said “was just fantastic”. See what else Ami had to say about the whole experience here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CSJqM6DnwnB/?hl=en

Ami wears the Ampli-Energy hearing aid which is rechargeable and doesn’t require batteries.

If Ami’s experience has inspired you to get your hearing tested too, book your FREE hearing test and FREE hearing aid trial today at one of our stores across the UK. 

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