Exercises for tinnitus

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Exercises you can do to help tinnitus

Tinnitus refers to the perception of a ringing or whistling sound in the ears or inside the head, even in the absence of any external noise. Depending on the root cause, there are various exercises that can help reduce tinnitus and can be performed either at home or at a specialised clinic.

Improve tinnitus with posture exercises

There appears to be a correlation between posture and tinnitus. In fact, tinnitus can be the consequence of improper posture, whiplash or sudden movements involving the neck, also known as cervical tinnitus. In these cases, postural exercises can help treat the condition. Here a few examples of some exercises:

  • In a sitting position, with your back straight, you grasp your lower jaw with one hand and open your mouth. Without excessive force, stretch the muscles of the jaw, cheek and around the mouth. One remains with the mouth open for two to three minutes. If cramps and/or pain appear, stop.
  • Using a massaging ball, roll it at the level of the jaw muscles and over the cheek with some pressure, using spiral movements. If there are areas of obvious tension, roll the ball around, concentrating especially on these points.
  • In a sitting position and with your back straight, place your left hand behind your back. Pass your right hand behind your head and touch the ear on the opposite side, gently pull your head towards your right shoulder without turning your neck and hold the position for 20-30 seconds. Repeat 2 or 3 times before repeating the same sequence on the opposite side. 


Muscle toning & stretching for tinnitus

A good precaution for tinnitus is frequent movement and exercise, such as muscle toning and stretching. By strengthening our muscles, we are reducing the strain on the spinal column and relaxing the neck area, thereby helping to reduce stress.

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Exercises for stretching jaw muscles

Tinnitus can also result from jaw related issues, such as bruxism. As a result, muscle massages, opening and closing your mouth with your tongue against your palate and exercises that stimulate lateral mobility may help resolve it.

Massage for masticatory muscles

In order to counteract mandibular tinnitus, it is best to massage the masticatory muscles to help improve circulation in the mandibular area and help decompress the condyles and relax the jaw. To perform the massage, you must gently open your mouth and move the jaw to one side as you place your hand on its underside and push gently to improve movement, hold for 3 seconds and then relax. Repeat the operation on the other side. Do this exercise 10 times, three times a day.

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Progressive muscle relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation exercises can help you learn to ignore or control the sounds you hear. A useful tool is the PMR, or Personal Mobile Radio, an acoustic ear protector with a built-in protection against noise.

Yoga and meditation

Yoga exercises can very helpful when suffering from tinnitus. In fact, yoga and meditation can help reduce the tress, anxiety and irritability often related to this condition. However, while yoga can help minimize loud and high-pitched sound, it is still best to speak to a hearing professional to find the best treatment for your specific hearing needs. 

Deep breathing

When experiencing tinnitus, breathing in and out slowly can also help relax the muscles, not just in your ears, but throughout your body.

Guided imagery

To alleviate tinnitus, guided imagery exercises also come in handy; these exercises are a technique very similar to meditation. After reaching a state of relaxation, thanks to progressive muscle relaxation and deep breathing, you can perform guided imagery exercises that can induce you into a deep state of relaxation and comfort, thus having a positive effect on the condition.

How do I distract myself from tinnitus?

There are several ways to distract yourself from the ringining in your ears. A few of the activities suggested include such as listening to music, spending time with your pets, gardening, DIY activities, to name a few.

Listening to music

Listening to music can help divert attention from tinnitus, as can listening to white noise. However, it is important that you do not listen for too long or at too high a volume should you choose to use headphones.

Pets as therapy

Many neuroscience experts believe that the company of pets can improve a person’s overall emotional well-being, which may be also beneficial in distracting them from the ringing in their ears.

Gardening, DIY and other hobbies

Concentrating on relaxing activities and hobbies also helps reduce stress and, in turn, reduce the discomfort caused by tinnitus.

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See a doctor in case of chronic tinnitus

Although there are several exercises that can help reduce tinnitus symptoms, chronic tinnitus is a condition that requires a specialized treatment. To find the best treatment based on your hearing needs, it it best to consult a hearing professional or book an appointment at your nearest Amplifon centre.

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