What is tympanosclerosis?

To avoid abnormal middle ear tissue growth, it is best to prevent otitis media.

Tympanosclerosis is the medical term for scarring of your eardrum

Tympanosclerosis is an infectious hearing disease closely related to chronic otitis media. In fact, it can be considered a consequence or a more advanced stage of the latter. The result is usually, in addition to the discomfort caused by this middle ear lesion, a more or less severe hearing loss, depending on the severity of the infection. In this post, we will explain the causes and how to avoid tympanosclerosis.

What is tympanosclerosis?

Tympanosclerosis is distinguished by the appearance of a series of white spots in the eardrum. These spots are a diaphragm formed by strands of scar tissue that block the eardrum and ossicles. Their occurrence is also a consequence of a prolonged infection of the eardrum.

Tympanosclerosis is often caused by repeated or inadequately treated ear infections. For this reason, it is crucial to treat the symptoms of ear pain as soon as possible. In fact, if an otitis infection leads to tympanosclerosis, the hearing loss caused is no longer recoverable.

What causes a perforated eardrum?

When the eardrum is pierced or inflamed, the bacteria spreads easily into the middle ear and can cause an infection and hearing may be affected. 

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What are the symptoms of tympanosclerosis?

The symptoms of tympanosclerosis are the same as for otitis media: a sharp, intense pain that can be accompanied by hearing loss. In any case, the presence of white spots makes it easier to diagnose.

Hearing aids for treating tympanosclerosis

After the infection has been identified and brought under control, the preferred course of action for treating tympanosclerosis-related hearing loss is to use hearing aids. These devices may assist the affected individual in restoring their hearing ability.

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The importance of avoiding otitis

To avoid tympanosclerosis, preventing the onset of otitis media is the most effective approach. This can be achieved by avoiding sudden temperature changes, which can lead to viral infections and colds. Maintaining good hygiene is also crucial, but it's important to avoid using cotton buds or any other object that could damage the ear canal or eardrum. Swimming in heated and covered pools requires caution as it can lead to otitis externa. Properly drying your ears after swimming and wearing ear protection while in the water can help prevent this condition.

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