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Hearing aid cleaning products

Cleaning products for your hearing aid

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your hearing aids can extend their lives and ensure you capture more of the amazing sounds of everyday life.

Hearing aids are your daily companion, used in all facets of your life. They can become soiled by sweat during workouts, covered in cosmetics as you get ready for work or play each day and spotted with ear wax build up from regular use. Debris can build up in and around the device, prohibiting microphones and transmitters from doing their job. This buildup can also carry bacteria, which can irritate your skin and potentially have negative impacts on your hearing ability.

Amplifon's Ampliclear range of products for cleaning and maintenance can help keep your device hygienically clean and extend its lifespan. The Ampliclear hearing aid cleaning range includes drying cups, drying capsules, air blower, air spray and the PerfectDry Lux. Contact your local Amplifon clinic to learn more.

Our hearing aid cleaning kit

The Ampliclear range includes everything you need, including wipes, cleaning tablets, cleaning spray and air spray. These cleaning kits for hearing aids let you do a thorough cleaning at home and are specially adapted for all types of hearing aids. That means you can clean your BTE hearing aids, ITC/CIC hearing aids or RIC and RITE hearing aids conveniently on your own schedule.

Cleaning wipes and spray

The Ampliclear range offers special cleaning wipes and cleaning sprays for better maintenance. These cleaning tools for hearing aids eliminate ear wax and have an antibacterial effect that not only help your hearing aids perform better, but can help keep you healthier.

Products to dry your hearing aid

Our drying capsules are designed to eliminate moisture and dry your hearing aids. You can also choose the Ampliclear PerfectDry Lux hearing aid drying box, which eliminates moisture and water from your hearing aids and helps limit bacteria through its UV system.

How often should I clean my hearing aids?

More is more when it comes to cleaning your hearing aids. If possible, clean and dry them each time you exercise and/or if you notice excess ear wax build up. The best option is a quick clean before bed each night.

Even with a great cleaning kit for hearing aids, it's a good idea to get them professionally cleaned every six months or so.

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