It pays to go private

 Sue Taylor - Amplifon customer
01 October 2017

It pays to go private

Sue Taylor had struggled with her hearing for many years. She found it very difficult to admit she had a problem, which was the biggest stumbling block to her seeking help. But thanks to Amplifon, she’s realised she’s not the only one and is now enjoying better hearing and a better quality of life.

Sue Taylor says it was difficult to pinpoint the moment when her hearing problems started. She thinks it was a gradual thing, and other people noticed before she did. Seven years ago she went to her GP, who referred her for an NHS hearing test through her local hospital. She was given hearing aids but she remembers the test wasn’t very thorough.

“When I first went to the hospital, I was just turning 50. I’d always thought that hearing loss was something that affected older people. I felt embarrassed and it was hard to admit even to myself that I was losing my hearing,” she says.

Sue, 61, struggled on with her NHS aids, but still found it difficult to hear well when she was on the phone at work. “I’m a dispenser in a pharmacy and part of my job is to take down people’s prescriptions on the phone, which obviously I’ve got to get right,” Sue says, “I would do everything to avoid answering the phone. It was getting ridiculous. I didn’t really think I had a problem until my husband and my daughter said something to me one day. I’d often ask them to repeat themselves and I’d always have the TV turned up loud. Then I started putting two and two together.”

Sue heard about Amplifon through her daughter Kelly, so she decided to give them a try. Her Audiologist gave her a free in-depth hearing test using pioneering technology to identify exactly what she needed.

“My Audiologist was excellent and said he couldn’t believe I’d carried on like this for all these years. He said he wouldn’t be surprised if I’d never been able to hear properly, but I think I’d just got used to it.” Sue found the hearing test with Amplifon was totally different to her NHS test and went into a lot more detail.

"My Audiologist was excellent and said he couldn’t believe I’d carried on like this for all these years"

“The hospital test was very basic. They didn’t do half the things that my Audiologist did at Amplifon, who had much more time to go through everything. They listened to what my lifestyle was like, whereas the hospital didn’t have the time to go into the whole picture,” she says, “My husband David came with me, so he could explain what it’s like at home as well. It’s not just an earbased problem because it does affect your whole life.”

She was offered a trial for her new hearing aids, with no obligation to buy and took her new hearing aids home to try them out. Her Audiologist adjusted her hearing aids so she could answer the phone at work more easily. She can also Sue Taylor connect her hearing aids to her mobile phone, making chatting to family and friends much easier. Sue’s life has changed dramatically since having her hearing test with Amplifon, and she says it’s fantastic to have lifetime aftercare so she knows they will always be there to help. She enjoys going out to restaurants and the theatre with her husband David and they love going to concerts. She’s noticed a real difference because her new hearing aids adjust to the sounds around her, and she can even hear the birds in the morning now.

“We don’t need the TV up so loud now because I can stream it straight to my hearing aids,” Sue laughs, “Now my husband asks why the TV has to be this low, because he can’t hear it!”

She urges anyone who thinks they might have a hearing problem to go to Amplifon.

“I would recommend Amplifon without a doubt. They encouraged me to tell people I have a hearing problem and they’ve just been absolutely brilliant. I just wish I’d seen them years ago.”

Sep 15th 2017