Take action and next steps

If you and your loved are ready to take action, the next steps are simple. Life is for listening! Their journey to regain the joy of better hearing is just a few steps away.


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The best way to find out if you have hearing loss is to make an appointment at one of our stores. Our specialists will assess your hearing capabilities with a free test and advise you on the potential next steps.

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We’ve provided a simple checklist that you can use to help you and your loved take those first steps.

  1. Be aware of the first signs of changes in hearing
  2. Encourage them to take our online hearing or you could do this on their behalf
  3. Have a conversation with them about their hearing loss
  4. Talk about hearing aid solutions and the technology that is available
  5. Show them success stories of other people making life changing hearing decisions to take some action about their hearing
  6. Book an appointment to seek professional advice and support


What to expect at your loved one's hearing test appointment

  1. We Listen – This is where we do the listening so we understand how we can help your loved one
  2. The hearing test – This is your opportunity to see how your loved one's hearing has changed and to discuss the results
  3. Demonstration and options –  We’ll demonstrate the hearing solutions that are most suited to your loved one's level of hearing ability
  4. Reassurance– Our experts will take all the time necessary to answer any questions you may have so you can feel confident in the advice about types of solutions available and how they really can be life changing
  5. Hearing is believing – Be prepared for your loved one's new hearing solution to open up a new world of sound
  6. Free Trial – You're loved can try a hearing solution for free to see how much of a difference it makes to their life
  7. Getting used to a new world of sound – A little time is needed to adjust to a new way of hearing, and with patience it's bound to be worth it

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