Stricklandgate House - Kendal Day Centre

Stricklandgate House, 92 Stricklandgate

LA9 4PU Kendal

Phone: 0161 870 3616

Phone: 0161 870 3616

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Here at Kendal Day Centre, we are proud to help people reach their full hearing potential every day. It's our goal to make the process easy and enjoyable as possible.

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1 We have over 65 years worth of experience.
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What can you find in an Amplifon clinic?

Have you noticed that you've turned the TV up louder? Are you asking family and friends to repeat themselves as you didn't hear them the first time? Or have you avoided certain situations as you don't feel comfortable in your hearing ability? At Amplifon we offer a wide range of services and products to help you with your hearing.

After purchasing a hearing aid, you'll be automatically part of our Lifetime Aftercare Programme to help and assist you throughout the life of your hearing aid and general hearing care. The products we have available come from the leading manufacturers with the very latest technology.

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Our exert Hearing Aid Audiologists are always on hand to help you understand more about your hearing and solutions available to you. Call us today to book a free hearing check on 0800 033 4055?.?

Take the first steps to better hearing by booking an appointment with us for a FREE hearing test. We'll discuss your hearing needs and, after the hearing tests, you'll have the opportunity to take a pair of hearing aids home as part of our free trial service.

At Amplifon, we're committed to providing the highest quality service and care, so come in and discover a whole new world of hearing.

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