Changes in your hearing

Changes in your or your loved ones’ hearing

Recognising changes in your hearing is a vital part of maintaining it. The ageing process naturally affects your hearing but other factors can have subtle or sudden effects. It’s a good idea to keep track of these changes but we understand that it is not always easy to recognise your symptoms or know what type of hearing loss you might have. Hearing loss commonly comes from changes in the inner part of the ear, but can also arise from changes in the middle ear or along the nerve pathways. 

Hearing and balance

Ears, for instance, do also have another important function aside from hearing: balance. Within the inner ear are three ringed canals containing fluid. The Posterior, Lateral and Anterior canals operate on different planes (think of measuring a box: it has length, depth and width) and the way the fluid in these canals moves around is how the brain helps to establish balance.

The continued movement of these fluids is why people feel dizzy after spinning around, before feeling back to normal once the fluid settles again. Ear infections and medical conditions which reach the ear can also therefore affect balance as well as hearing. 

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Causes of balance disorders

  • Issues with the inner ear
  • Blood flow issues such as low blood pressure
  • Thyroid problems and the effects of diabetes

Hearing and loss of balance: what to do

If you’ve noticed changes in your or your loved one's hearing and balance, you can get in touch with our team of expert Audiologists who can help you and them understand the changes in hearing with a free, no obligation hearing test. We can help in understanding the situations or environments where struggling the most and the types of hearing solutions that are available for any hearing needs.

We’re proud to be global hearing health specialists. With a growing network of approximately 8,600 locations in 22 countries, and a large network of stores in the UK, it has never been easier to speak to our experts and experience our innovative digital hearing technology. With personalised hearing solutions and unrivalled Lifetime Aftercare, we are committed to improving and protecting the way you hear the world.

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