Ear protection for shooting

Prevent your hearing from damage.

Our shooting earplugs are designed to inhibit the sound of gunfire whilst ensuring ambient sounds.

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What are shooting ear plugs for?

Many people attend shooting ranges, partake in clay shooting or hunting and these activities all have a high potential of irreversibly damaging your hearing. 


At Amplifon, our ear defenders for shooting are specially designed to inhibit the sound of gunfire from damaging your ears whilst ensuring you are still able to hear ambient sounds such as conversation with fellow shooters. 

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What are the characteristics?

All our ranges of shooting ear defenders are digitally designed to tackle harmful gunshot noises and are custom-made to fit your ears comfortably and safely. You can choose from a wide variety of colours and even personalise your shooting ear defenders with your own name and standard logo. Our three different models of shooting ear defenders are listed below:

CENS ProFlex

CENS ProFlex is leading the way in obstruction free and comfortable custom ear protection for shooting.

  • Instantly reduces harmful gunshot noise
  • Allows for normal conversation without removing your ear protection
  • Made from super soft silicone ensuring optimum comfort and secure fit
  • Helps you to hear game approaching and released traps before anyone else

CENS Digital

The original custom electronic hearing protectors for shooting are ideal for those whose ears are too small to fit the CNS ProFlex Digital.

  • 2 pre-programmed settings, one for game shooters and one for clay
  • Reduces gun noise around you
  • Boosts quieter sounds like approaching birds

Sonic Valve

Our sonic valve ear defenders for shooting provide comfortable protection for loud environments. They allow normal sound in, such as speech and ambient noise. But when a loud noise, such as a gun is fired the valve reacts to shut the harmful noise out.

  • Hear conversations as normal
  • Custom made from silicone for your comfort

Who should use them?

These specialised ear plugs are typically used by people on shooting ranges, or for those who wishes to protect their hearing during clay shooting or hunting game. Due to the harmful effects of loud noises, it is important that ear defenders for shooting are worn so the sport can still be enjoyed socially.

All our ranges of ear plugs are available in a wide variety of colours for different situations, which you can discuss at a FREE consultation with one of our trained audiologists in your local Amplifon clinic.

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