Hearing aid glasses

A single solution for sight and hearing

One device for multiple solutions

It’s definitely possible to read your favorite book without missing anything and simultaneously hear clearly the voices of the actors of the series playing on TV.

What are hearing aid glasses?

A new and innovative hearing solution that offers the advantage of wearing reading glasses and a hearing aid at the same time. It’s pretty simple, all you have to do is put on the hearing glasses to correct your visual and hearing impairment. Functional, comfortable and stylish, these hearing aid glasses are available in a variety of models and types.

Bone conduction glasses

Through a receiver that is inserted into the ear shaft and rests on the mastoid bone, these bone-conduction hearing glasses perform their function by transferring the vibration produced by the sound stimulus to the bone then directly to the cochlea and inner ear.

Trendy design

Hearing aid glasses are the right mix of functionality and elegance. This device guarantees, from a technical standpoint, the dedication and professional of Amplifon’s specialists to develop hearing glasses for all tastes and needs as well as their research and meticulous eye for design. Classic or alternative, tinted or transparent: the range offered is wide and varied, ready to meet all types of acoustic and visual needs.

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