Tinnitus Week 2019

Tinnitus and Isolation

Tinnitus Week 2019 takes place from 4- 10 February and this year’s theme is Tinnitus and Isolation.

Amplifon are working alongside the British Tinnitus Association (BTA) To raise awareness and offer support to people who suffer from Tinnitus.

Often callers to the BTA helpline, or delegates who attend their events speak about how alone they feel with the condition, so this year the BTA have decided that during Tinnitus Week, they’ll be trying as hard as possible to reach even more people in new ways, in the hope of helping them feel less isolated. 

What's on?

Helpline - 5 February

As a one off, for the first time ever, they’ll be keeping their helpline open overnight, in order to be available to speak to people with tinnitus who are struggling and can’t sleep. So if you find you need to speak to someone that night, please call and speak to one of their friendly team.

Podcast - 6 February

The British Tinnitus Association are really excited that they will be sharing their first ever podcast, talking about how relationships can be affected by tinnitus and how to combat any issues that might arise.

Social Tips - 7 February

People with tinnitus will be sharing ideas about how to ensure the condition doesn’t impact on social situations, hoping to inspire those who may be struggling, to keep getting out, meeting friends and not letting tinnitus take over.

Support groups - 8 February

The British Tinnitus Association will be highlighting the amazing support available across the UK at over 100 tinnitus support groups. 

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