Ear pimples: what to do?

Causes, prevention & remedies
Last update on Jun, 16, 2021

What causes a pimple to form in the ear?

Everyone is familiar with bothersome pimples on the nose or the forehead. However, if the unpleasant skin impurities occur in or behind the ear, they are particularly uncomfortable and painful for the individual affected. In addition to painful inflammation, pimples in the ear can also cause ear pain, hearing loss and jaw pain. The most common cause of pimples in the ear is earwax buildup or blockage. Instead of serving is intended purpose, which is to clean, the earwax in your ear canal has failed to drain properly and clogged the pores in the affected area resulting in small pus pimples in different areas of the ear. 

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Pimples in different parts of the ear

Pimples in the ear or auricle

Whether the pimple is on the outside of ear or inside of it, it should never be popped. If the pimple is too bothersome, you can have it professionally removed by an ENT doctor.

Earlobe pimples

There are many sebaceous glands on the earlobe that can lead to clogged pores. Wearing earrings can oftentimes place major stress on the skin and trigger the growth of pimples near or on the earlobe.

Pimples in ear canal

Pimples are particularly bothersome in the ear canal and can occur together with earaches. It is important that pimples are not squeezed out using a Q-tip or similar instrument. This can cause the purulent fluid to seep further into the ear and cause infection there as well.

Pimples on ear cartilage

Sweat, dirt and bacteria can accumulate quite easily in the creases of the ear cartilage. The result can lead to the formation of inflamed pimples on the ear cartilage. Wearing over-ear headphones exacerbates this phenomenon by allowing air to accumulate underneath the headphone enabling bacteria to spread from the headphones to the ear cartilage.

Blackheads in ear

Blackheads are smaller and more robust than pimples, making their treatment a lot more complex. Earwax and clogged sebaceous glands can result in whiteheads (under the skin) and blackheads, where the sebum comes into contact with air.
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How do you prevent pimples and blackheads in ear?

The formation of pimples and blackheads in the ear can be prevented and there are several ways to combat a possible break out. This includes cleaning your ears daily with lukewarm water and a washcloth, which you will use to gently wipe the auricle and remove earwax. Make sure to pay special attention to your ears when showering and washing your hair. It is important to make sure that earwax is not pushed further into the ear canal during cleaning, which is why the use of cotton buds should be avoided. 

In addition, all items that come into contact with the ears, such as your cell phone or a hat, should be sanitized regularly. Users should clean their hearing aids just as often. This will help keep the spread of dirt and bacteria at bay.

Popping pimples in the ear: right or wrong?

As mentioned previously, it is best to avoid popping pimples and blackheads inside the ear. Doing so can often worsen the situation as the presence of purulent fluid in the ear canal can cause further inflammation. If the pimple has been popped, the ear should be cleaned thoroughly as soon as possible.

Tips and home remedies for pimples in the ears

If preventive measures haven't been successful and you currently have a bothersome pimple in your ear, there are a few remedies that can help you get rid of it quickly that do not resort to popping it or squeezing it out. This includes using a cotton ball to dab the pimple with various oils or ointments several times a day.

Tea tree oil and aloe vera for pimples

Tea tree oil and aloe vera have anti-inflammatory and disinfectant effects. To treat pimples, a small amount of liquid is added to a cotton swab and placed directly on the pimple. The active ingredients should only be applied to the affected area and should not penetrate the ear canal.

Pimple Ointment 

The common ointment that can be purchased in pharmacies is also used to treat ear. The shale oil it contains works as an antibacterial and helps reduce inflammation.

Jojoba oil for pimples

Jojoba oil helps to eliminate the bacteria that cause pimples. It can be applied directly to the affected area using a cotton ball. After 30 minutes, the excess oil and loose dirt should be removed with a cloth. High quality jojoba oil is characterized by its golden yellow color.

Important: Pimples deep inside the ear canal should always be treated by an ENT physician and not independently using at home remedies!

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