Comfort sounds

What does the noise of rain on the window and the sound of the radio have in common?
Last update on Jan, 10, 2017

So, what do you think made it to the number one spot? 53.6% of respondents agreed that the harmonious sound of birdsong was the most comforting thing they could possibly hear.

Our research also put to bed the age-old debate over which regional accents are the easiest on the ear - the dulcet tones of the Yorkshire accent won this race, with 25% of the votes.

Sadly, the residents of Essex didn’t fare so well in our poll; 34% agreed it is the most annoying regional accent in the UK!

It came as no surprise that 63% of Brits voted for Sir. David Attenborough as the celebrity with the most comforting voice, whilst 56% agreed that Janet Street Porter was the least favourite.


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