The hearing aids news in 2022

Last update on Nov, 30, 2021

The new hearing aid generation 2022

Adapting to consumers' lifestyles and comforts, the hearing aid market is undergoing a transition to digital, creating prostheses that are miniaturized computers.

Modern mini hearing aids

As appliances become smaller and more invisible, the first trend is to make them smaller and less visible. Since hearing aids and  mini-amps are more discreet and comfortable, this aspect is particularly important to patients.

Hearing aids with battery

Also on trend are rechargeable hearing aids. These are lithium-ion-powered systems with a battery life of 40% longer than traditional models and up to 24 hours of continuous use. By using this technology, people do not have to constantly change their batteries or have them in reserve, such as on long road trips.

Hearing aids with Bluetooth

A number of Bluetooth hearing aids have been developed in recent years thanks to advances in wireless technology. You can wirelessly stream music and audio directly to your TV, phone, and music player this way. Typically, Bluetooth hearing aids require an app to be used on Apple and Android devices.

Hearing aids with artificial intelligence

Hearing aids using artificial intelligence use real-time machine learning algorithms to personalize the patient's hearing and create customized listening programs. A microphone captures sound, which is then processed locally by a digital signal processor inside the hearing aid.

High performance chip for hearing aids

The high-performance chips allow the hearing aid to incorporate more powerful processors and thus amplify only the frequencies for which the individual has a hearing loss. As a result, hearing aids are becoming increasingly personalized.

Newest hearing aid models

We find the following new hearing aids to be most in line with future trends: mini I 5 amp, R 5 energy amp, R5 ampli-connect.

Almost invisible Phonak virto titanium

Phonak virto titanium hearing aids can be worn completely inside the ear canal, making them the smallest solutions available on the market. They become almost an invisible hearing aid when worn.

Ampli-connect R 5

Ampli-connect R 5, which can intuitively connect to your devices, is a Bluetooth hearing aid and it can also automatically orient the microphones in the right direction.

Rechargeable ampli-energy R 5

With the ampli-energy R 5, you can forget about batteries and enjoy sound in a simple, comfortable manner

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