Ear hair removal tips

How to remove ear hair?
Last update on Apr, 30, 2021

Why do ears have hair?

Every part of our body serves a very specific purpose, each playing a very important and necessary role. But what exactly is the function of ear hair? There are several hypotheses as to why we have hairy ears. Their primary function seems to be to keep bacteria away from our inner ear, namely our eardrums. Normally, ear hair can grow on the tragus of the ear, or ear canal, the antitragus, the earlobe and the helix.

According to scientist David Liebovitz, the presence, or absence, of certain hormones, such as testosterone, can have a significant effect on hair follicles. These types of hormones often interfere with hair growth by inhibiting its growth in certain parts of the body, particularly our ears, nose and eyebrows, and, in some cases, making it coarser and thicker as we age.


How to get rid of ear hair?

Not everyone finds having hair in certain parts of the body aesthetically pleasing, which is why people often try to get rid of their ear hair. Let's find out more on how to effectively remove ear hair without risking damage to the ear canals.

With an ear hair trimmer

Here is how to get rid of ear hair with an ear hair trimmer:

  • First and foremost, make sure to clean your ears by washing them and carefully removing any earwax and dirt that remains with the help of a clean cotton bud.
  • Now, choose your favourite electric nose and ear hair trimmer and move to a well-lit area.
  • Once you have a clear visual of the hair you want to trim, start to gently trim it. 
  • Make sure that the nose and ear trimmer does not exert any pressure when you use it and that you can freely move it around as you please to achieve a satisfactory result.  

With scissors with rounded edges

Removing ear hair with round-tip scissors is one of the least invasive hair removal methods, particularly effective for thin and sparse hair.  

Things you should not do to remove hair from ears

The best method to remove ear hair depends on each persona s there's not one single method that's best suited for every situation. However, here are some methods that we strongly discourage as you may risk damaging your ear canals. 

Let's find out more about which methods to avoid, and why.


Ear hair removal with waxing

Waxing is one of the most common methods of ear hair removal, yet it is one of the most harmful ones. It may seem like the quickest and easiest solution, however using wax and depilatory creams in sensitive areas of the body, like your ears, should definitely be avoided. In fact, the chemicals contained in hair removal wax may cause damage and irritation. 

Pulling out ear hair

Similarly, pulling hair out of ear is also not recommended because the ear canals are very sensitive and you can easily injure them. 

Nail scissors to shorten ear hair

Last but not least, you should avoid using nail scissors or clippers to remove unwanted hair so as not to cause inflammation, injury, or trigger an infection. You should also take into account that this method can be extremely time-consuming and is therefore not a recommended daily grooming practice.

Permanent removal of ear hair and laser

If you are looking for the best way to get rid of ear hair permanently, opting for laser treatments could be the answer. This is a fairly painless and safe treatment performed by a licensed professional, suitable for any area of the body. 

The price of a laser ear hair treatment can vary depending on the facility chosen, and though treatments can be quite pricey, they are often recommended for more optimal and long-term results

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