Claritas & UK Hearing Care

Are you a Claritas or UK Hearing Care customer?

Claritas and UK Hearing Care have gone into administration and will no longer be able to provide hearing care services to you.


In order to make sure you are still provided with a high standard of hearing care, Amplifon have been chosen as the preferred hearing specialist for all existing Claritas and UK Hearing Care customers and will be responsible for providing ongoing aftercare services.


What should you do next?

We need you to call  0800 44 33 44 to speak to your local Amplifon clinic and confirm that you would like us to look after your hearing and hearing aids. Then, we’ll book you in for an appointment to meet your local audiologist and have a hearing test. As part of our lifetime aftercare package, we can also service and clean your hearing aids as well as honouring any existing warranties on your current devices.

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Who are Amplifon?

Amplifon are a nationally recognised hearing specialist with 129 clinics across the UK. We’ve been helping people hear better for over 65 years, so we fully understand the needs of our customers and you can expect to receive a personalised service that's tailored just for you. We've provided some more information about Amplifon in the enclosed leaflet, as well as some guidance on the next steps to take.

Frequently asked questions

I purchased hearing aids from Claritas or UK Hearing Care in the past...

I would like a refund on my hearing aids

Amplifon has been chosen to look after your hearing in the future. Amplifon can help you with maintenance and ongoing care of your hearing.

Refunds are managed by the receiver, if you purchased hearing aids from Claritas or UK Hearing Care in the past, you should contact them here: 0113 285 5100

I need my hearing aids repaired. What should I do?

We advise that you book a check up at your nearest Amplifon clinic. If your hearing aids are still within the warranty period the manufacturer will honor this. Please contact us and we will work with the manufacturer directly. If the hearing aid isn't in the warranty period then a standard £99 repair charge will apply.


Who do I contact to arrange an appointment?

You can find your nearest clinic by using the Amplifon search tool. Click here.

Alternatively you can call us on: 0800 44 33 44

How long should my first Amplifon appointment be?

The first appointment you book with Amplifon should be one hour, this will allow the audiologist to do a full hearing assessment and then carry out any maintenance required on your hearing aid so we can be sure you are looked after.

Can I purchase new hearing aids?

Amplifon would be happy to assist you with the purchase of new hearing aids, we would first need to book you in for a complimentary hearing test with your local Audiologist, to book an appointment click here.

How much does Amplifon aftercare cost?

This is a free service. Claritas and UK Hearing Care customers will benefit from the same complimentary aftercare service as Amplifon customers do. Amplifon have been selected to ensure that your hearing and Hearing aids are cared for, for the life of the device.

I need to get in touch with the Administrator

You can contact the Administrator, RSM on 0113 285 5100 or 

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