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Kevin's Story

"I will never forget the first day my hearing aids were fitted".
Last update on Jun, 05, 2019
Discovering what it’s like to hear and understand everything was such a powerful experience.

Afterwards, I went to a meeting and my colleague wondered why I had been so quiet. I replied that there were three reasons: firstly, every time I spoke I could hear myself and it shocked me so much it threw me off what I was saying.

Secondly, it was overwhelming to discover that most people actually hear everything that is said at meetings - I had never known that before!

The third reason I was so quiet was because discovering what it was like to hear and understand everything that was said was such a powerful experience, it was all I could do to hold back my tears.

Gratitude is to experience what it is like to live without hearing and then being able to hear again.

Disclaimer: all testimonials are from participants who received a gift voucher in exchange for their testimonials.

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