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The new Amplifon Ampli-energy

Listen to the world without interference

Protect yourself from sudden loud noises with the technology of the new ampli-energy.

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The new Amplifon Ampli-energy

Listen to the world without interference

Protect yourself from sudden loud noises with the technology of the new ampli-energy.

Learn about Hearing Aid prices Redeem your FREE trial
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The new ampli-energy is a shield for your ears.

New ampli-energy technology detects and controls wind and sudden noise, with no impact on speech.

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Enjoy a super comfortable experience.

Focus on the better access to speech with less effort / more comfort even in noisy environments.

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Double chargers to suit your needs.

One for your home, one for your pocket. You'll never run out of battery!

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Ampli-energy hearing aids: features at a glance

Advanced litium-ion technology gives you’re the freedom to live an active, busy life with your hearing aids. The quick charge of Amplifon Ampli-energy provides up to 24 hours of use on a single charge, so you don't have to miss a beat, and you don't need to fiddle with those teeny tiny batteries again.


0.8 cm




3 gms

ampli-energy R 5 - Rechargeable Hearing Aid hold in a hand: dimensions

Maximum discretion

High rating

Maximum robustness

High rating


High rating

Water resistance


Environment management

High rating

Noise management

High rating

Adaptive directionality

High rating

Amplifon app

High rating

ampli-energy hearing aid features

*Please note that not all features are available for all models in the ampli-energy family.  Speak to the audiologist at the time of your appointment for full product specs

Bluetooth connectivity with hearing aids

Direct connection to a smartphone with no other connectivity accessory required to link them.  You can receive your calls directly in your hearing aids and listen to music. Also possible to connect to the TV.

Rechargeable hearing aid batteries

Rechargeable with lithium-ion batteries. These batteries give you more than 12 hours of battery life and recharge easily during the night. Say goodbye to fiddly little replacements.

Invisible hearing aids for maximum discretion

These ampli-energy hearing aids can be worn discreetly behind the ear, making them almost invisible to those around you

Automatic sound adjustments

The ability to adapt to different listening environments allows you to hear sounds more comfortably without any action on your part. These hearing aids adapt automatically to the changing sounds around you

Comfort and style

These hearing aids analyse the sounds around you and optimise the devices to allow for a better listening experience, even in noisy environments.

Robust and tough

The new ampli-energy hearing aid design is made by choosing strong materials which provides excellent robustness for durability and reliability of these hearing aids.

Adaptive Directionality

Able to amplify speech more clearly than other sounds or speech with different origins. On some devices, you can also change the setting, which allows you to better understand speech in any direction, such as in the car, where you interact with those sitting side by side or behind.

Water resistant hearing aids

The technologies used in the design and construction for the built-in microphone and speaker protectors provides better protection against water, dust and other foreign matter. Increases the reliability and life of your devices
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Enhance your experience with the Amplifon App

Ampli-energy hearing aids offer effortless speech comprehension and can be controlled through the Amplifon App on your mobile device. Adjust volume, select listening programs*, and access advanced features with ease.

*On compatible hearing aids

Hearing aids in a black Amplifon case

Desk charging

Powerful rechargeable hearing solution that charges your hearing aids while you sleep.

Person taking a device out of the pocket

Pocketable charger

Enjoy your day at your comfort wearing and charging on-the-go via the hearing aid battery pocket case.

People sitting around a table talking to each other

Maximum comfort in every conversation.

Designed to ensure clear comprehension of speech with no listening effort.

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