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Why is hearing aid fitting important?

Mar, 22, 2024
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Hearing aid fitting by a hearing care professional

There is no one-size-fits-all hearing aid, which is why the selection and adjustment process of a hearing aid is so crucial when customising each device to fit the wearer's needs and lifestyle.

Unique listening experiences through personalisation

What truly makes each hearing experience unique is customising it to suit each individual's needs. This may include aligning it with each individual's lifestyle by adjusting it to suit social situations, noisy environments or specific activities.

Advantages of hearing aid fitting

Customising hearing aids has many benefits, including improved hearing in specific frequencies, reduced background noise for clearer communication, and adapting to various environments, such as crowded places or meetings. This targeted customisation can help hearing aid wearers in social settings, reducing isolation and improving the quality of their relationships.


Hearing aid fitting: steps at a glance

The inital fitting of your hearing aid is done by a hearing care professional, who ensures that the hearing aid is properly placed and adjusted. The fitting phase ensures your hearing aid is working correctly and is a comfortable fit.

Then, comes the testing or trial phase, which ensures the hearing aid effectively addresses your specific hearing needs and lifestyle.

During this phase, the audiologist makes specific adjustments to the hearing aid based on your feedback to optimise your hearing aid's performance and ensure it meets your needs more effectively.

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FAQ: Questions & answers about hearing aid fitting

How does fitting influence the hearing aid?

A hearing aid fitting is a highly personalised process that entails a throughout examination of an individual's ear anatomy, lifestyle and hearing needs. Selecting the right model plays a crucial role in ensuring optimal fit and functionality. There are three models available: the in-the-ear (ITE), with the receiver positioned inside the ear; the behind-the-ear (BTE), which sits behind the outer ear; and the receiver-in-the-canal (RIC), where the receiver is discreetly placed inside the ear canal.

Hearing fitting and programming connection

When the hearing center of the brain isn't regularly stimulated, it can struggle to receive and process sounds. That's why adapting to a hearing aid can take time - anywhere from two weeks to a couple of months.

To help with this process, your doctor may suggest daily exercises, including but not limited to:

  • Listening to speeches on the radio to monitor comprehension, gradually increasing exposure.
  • Exposing yourself to various sounds and monitoring any changes.
  • Practicing focusing on the location of sound stimuli by closing your eyes.

How many fitting appointments are necessary?

Depending on your specific needs, the process of fitting, testing, and adjusting your hearing aid can take up to two or three appointments. In addition to hearing training exercises, follow-up visits with your hearing care professional will help fine-tune this process, ensuring it goes as smoothly as possible.

What is a hearing aid check?

A hearing aid check is the first step in understanding a patient's condition. Based on your results, your hearing care professional can recommend the most suitable hearing aid based on your hearing needs. If other hearing-related problems or pathologies are identified, you will be referred to the right specialists.

Why are ear impressions important for the fitting?

To ensure the hearing aid fits your ear anatomy well, a hearing care professional will insert a special otological paste to make an ear impression. This quick and painless process takes about ten minutes.

The key role of hearing and fitting

Regularly mainting and cleaning your hearing aid ensures longer and more effective use. At Amplifon, we are committed to providing you with the best tools for your hearing needs, ensuring a great hearing experience for every patient. Contact us to learn more.

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