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Why is it important to have a hearing aids trial?

Sep, 25, 2023
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Would you buy a house or car without seeing or testing them first? Probably not.

So, why buy hearing aids without trying them out? At Amplifon, we offer a free 14-day hearing aid trial* for you to test different hearing devices and find the right one for you.

Good reasons to try a hearing aid

Test the comfort

Different hearing aids offer varying comfort levels, and there may be an adjustment phase. It's crucial to find a hearing aid that feels comfortable for long-term wear, allowing you to forget you're even wearing it. To ensure it meets your comfort preferences, trying it before purchasing is essential.

Sound comfort and sound levels

Comfort with a hearing aid goes beyond its physical fit; it also relates to how comfortable the sound is for you. While manufacturers strive for a natural sound, different hearing aids produce different sounds. To find the right one, you may need to try several options to determine which one suits you best.

Discover the features and differences

Every hearing aid model comes with its own set of advantages. For instance, some offer built-in Bluetooth and wireless connectivity for Apple and Android devices, eliminating the need for extra accessories. Others prioritise both convenience and high performance by providing nearly invisible yet highly effective devices. During Amplifon's hearing aid free trial*, our expert hearing care professionals are available to help you choose the perfect hearing aid tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

A hearing aid for every lifestyle

Your lifestyle is a key factor in selecting the right hearing aid. Today's hearing aids are designed to match your lifestyle. With the convenience of charging cases, users have greater flexibility as they can charge their devices whenever and wherever. The free trial period* allows you to explore these features in order to determine how the hearing aids can fit into your daily life.

Solutions for every type of hearing loss

Every hearing aid solution is characterised by its technology level, which is determined by the software within its processing chip. The devices with the more advanced technology offer the most advanced sound processing features. As a result, individuals with more significant hearing impairments often opt for the most advanced technology to better address their specific needs.

Hearing aids for tinnitus

Modern hearing aids can treat different types and degrees of hearing loss and can also ease tinnitus discomfort. Many hearing aid makers offer special accessories and options, like specific programs and free therapy apps, for those with tinnitus.
an audiologist taking a hearing exam to a man

Free trial period* of hearing aids

If you have had a hearing test and have been diagnosed with hearing loss, but are unsure which hearing aid is right for you, contact the Amplifon team for advice. A free hearing aid trial is the best way to start your journey to better hearing.

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How do I start the free trial*?

Having a comprehensive hearing test is crucial to thoroughly evaluate your hearing health and determine if you have any degree of hearing loss.

Receive the diagnosis

The Amplifon hearing test results are essential to determine the most suitable hearing aid for each person's specific hearing condition. However, if the issue is temporary, due to blocked ears, a hearing aid may not be needed. Conversely, if the diagnosis indicates mild to severe hearing loss, there a wide variety of hearing aids to choose from.

Choosing the right hearing aid

After receiving a diagnosis, the next step is to reach out to an Amplifon hearing care professional to identify the right hearing aid for your unique hearing loss. Clearly conveying your expectations and lifestyle to your hearing professionals is a vital step in improving your hearing health.

Try a hearing aid for free

Most individuals who use hearing aids may not have prior knowledge of these devices, their technical features, or how to use them. At Amplifon, we offer free 14-day trials* to show how hearing aids can help. Our services are provided by experienced professionals who specialise in fitting hearing aids.

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Our experts use their experience and the latest technologies to understand your hearing issues and recommend the best solution tailored to your needs.

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* Free Trial up to 14 days 

Free trial is subject to a hearing assessment with hearing loss identified

  • In the event that the hearing aid/s are damaged or not returned, Amplifon reserves the right to charge the client up to 100% of the value of the device/s.
  • Trial is for up to 14 days.
  • Free trial excludes devices fully subsidised by the Hearing Services Program
  • 14 day trial begins on the date of the fitting.
  • Amplifon remain the owner of the hearing aid/s during the trial period and until such time they are paid in full.
  • The client may not reassign, transfer and/or sell the hearing devices.
  • The client agrees to: 
    • Follow instructions provided by Amplifon for the proper use of the hearing aids.
    • Use the hearing device/s solely for the purpose for which they are intended to be used
    • Properly store the hearing device/s in their storage container provided by Amplifon, when not in use
    • Not do any act which is likely to damage or alter the condition of the hearing device/s
    • Return all hearing aid/s, in operating and merchantable condition, to Amplifon at the end of the trial period (including any chargers and/or accessories provided for the trial)
    • Immediately pay for the trial devices in full, should they not be returned to Amplifon at the end of the trial period in operating and merchantable condition.
  • In the event of any breach of these terms and conditions (and in particular, the client’s failure to return devices at the conclusion of the trial period), Amplifon reserves the right to refuse ongoing or future service to the client from any or all Amplifon Australia group entity/ies (including National Hearing Centres Pty Ltd, Bay Audio Pty Ltd and/or Attune Hearing Pty Ltd).
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