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Connect hearing aids via Bluetooth

Apr, 18, 2023
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The benefits of connecting your hearing aids

Certain types of hearing aids can be connected to a smartphone using Bluetooth technology. This allows the sound to travel from the mobile device directly into the hearing aid via Wi-Fi, making it easier to listen to music or have phone conversations. However, it's important to note that the smartphone must be compatible with hearing aids and have Bluetooth capabilities.

Bluetooth headphones

What you need to know about Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that enables communication between electronic devices over short distances, and it was developed by Ericsson with contributions from Nokia and Intel. It has become a widely adopted interface for connecting various small devices and accessories, replacing the need for cables or older methods of data transfer. When two Bluetooth devices are paired, the connection is stored in memory and can persist even if they move out of range. The range of Bluetooth connection varies based on the transmitting and receiving units, and it is divided into three classes with different specifications. Bluetooth class 3 is commonly used for most applications, providing a range of approximately 10 meters with low power consumption.

What do Bluetooth hearing aids do?

Like many other electronic devices, hearing aids can be wirelessly connected to any other Bluetooth-enabled device, including mobile phones, televisions, computers, and other audio playback devices. With this feature, there can be a direct and uncomplicated transfer of sound whether the user is making or receiving phone calls, watching TV or streaming music.

Does my hearing aid have Bluetooth?

When buying a hearing aid, individuals can inquire with their hearing care professional about its compatibility with Bluetooth technology. Typically, newer devices are equipped to handle Bluetooth connections and can be linked to various technological devices either through built-in settings or through a specific application provided by the manufacturer.

Battery life with the Bluetooth function

Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids utilize Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, which is a low-power protocol designed to minimize energy consumption and prevent lag. While enabling Bluetooth technology may result in faster battery drainage for hearing aids, there are solutions available. On the market, there are low energy consumption hearing aids that offer both strong connectivity and performance and are easy to recharge.

The steps to connect to Bluetooth

To establish a Bluetooth connection with a hearing aid, the following steps are required:

  1. Access the settings of the device that you wish to pair.
  2. Activate Bluetooth. The device will begin to search for available and connectable devices.
  3. Choose the hearing aid from the list of devices provided.
  4. Wait for the two devices to be successfully paired before utilizing and managing the hearing aid.

Connect your hearing aids to Bluetooth

Once it has been verified that the hearing aid can be paired via Bluetooth, it is crucial to consult the user manual and follow the instructions provided to connect. If any issues arise, reach out to a hearing care professional for help to connect your hearing aids.

Activate the Bluetooth function on the device

To activate the Bluetooth function on your hearing device, switch it on and bring it close to the device you wish to pair it with. Wait for a few minutes until a confirmation is received that the two devices have been successfully paired.

Prepare the Bluetooth connection

To pair your hearing aid with a device, make sure to activate the Bluetooth feature on the electronic device that you intend to pair your hearing aid with.

Hearing aid app

To connect the hearing aid with an Apple device, access the settings and look for the Bluetooth section. No app is required for Apple devices. However, for Android devices, an app is needed.

Deactivation of the Bluetooth function

You can deactivate Bluetooth on any device by accessing the Settings app. Once deactivated, the connection between the devices will be terminated.
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Bluetooth connection with various devices

Hearing aids can be wirelessly connected to various audio playback devices using Bluetooth technology.

Hearing aids and mobile/smartphone

The hearing aid can be linked to several mobile devices through Bluetooth technology. However, it is essential to verify if the user's smartphone is compatible with their hearing aid, as there are several brands selling different types of hearing aids.

Hearing aids and television

You can use Bluetooth technology to connect your hearing aid to your TV, but it is important to check whether they are compatible. With various brands of hearing aids available, it is essential to verify if they work with your smartphone.

Hearing aids and computer

With the use of Bluetooth technology, it is possible to connect your hearing aid to your computer, provided that it is compatible. Since there are many different brands of hearing aids available in the market, it is essential to ensure they are compatibility.

Hearing aids and speaker

With the aid of Bluetooth technology, users are able to connect audio devices, such as Bluetooth speakers, and enjoy their favourite music. However, it is important to ensure that the device is compatible with the hearing aid before doing so.
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