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Sound art

Jun, 23, 2019

Sounds surround us and as technology offers new opportunities and means to capture, twist, repurpose and subvert it, innovators and creators are increasingly looking to the sonic realm as a medium for artistic expression. 

Previously, we introduced some key practitioners and patrons of the flourishing global soundscape. This time, we turn our attention to some festivals, platforms and organisations creating and delivering the world’s greatest sonic experiences to earlobes in Australia and beyond.

You can’t touch it, but it can move you

Four great experiences of art & sound

The NOW Now (Sydney)

Australia’s longest-running festival of "spontaneous music, experimental sound and outlier performance", Sydney’s The NOW Now is an artist-run initiative and champion of the non-commercial. 

The annual festival – held in January – brings together dozens of uncompromising artists from all over the world, representing a broad spectrum of sonic artistry. From contemporary orchestral music to walls of noise, if you’re looking for a physical initiation to the world of sound art that’s close to home – The NOW Now is the place.

Liquid Architecture (Melbourne)

Liquid Architecture is a trusted host of "experiences at the intersection of contemporary art and experimental music". At the heart of the LA philosophy is the exploration not only of sound itself, but the infinite possibilities for discourse it presents. 

Their program runs year-round, with artists occupying performance spaces ranging from iconic rock venues to galleries, outdoor sites and arts centre halls. As these events pop up in towns and cities across the country – and even throughout Asia – you don’t necessarily have to travel too far to take in a unique aural experience.


Elektronmusik Studion (Stockholm)

The pacemaker, the zipper, the three-point seatbelt – the Swede’s take innovation seriously, so it’s no surprise their institutional support of sonic exploration is the envy of sound artists everywhere. An extension of Swedish performing arts agency Musikverket, Elektronmusikstudion (EMS) offers professional music studios for experimental practitioners, as well as opportunities for intra - and cross-platform collaboration. 

With a calendar of guest performers that reads like a who’s-who of international contemporary sound art, even if EMS isn’t your primary reason for long-hauling to Stockholm, it’s certainly worth a visit while you’re there. For more inspiration, check out the gadgets in this video.

HearSay Festival (Kilfinane, Ireland)

HearSay is the festival award-winning Danish radio maker Rikke Houd labelled ‘Woodstock for audio’. Over three nights, this tiny mountain village plays host to scores of events and performances by the world’s most innovative audio creators and manipulators. 

Not just a place for sound art and sonic boundary-pushing, the festival hosts practitioners from several audio disciplines, from radio broadcast and podcast to film and theatre sound; music to audio fiction to the downright unclassifiable. HearSay 2017 completely booked out, and featured Australian audio storytellers Kate Montague and Mike Williams. 

Tune in without stepping out. Of course, if you’re interested in learning more about sound art but not quite sure where to start, dedicated blogs and websites are a great starting point. Sites like Everyday Listening, Audio Cookbook and Ear Room critique artist insights and audio tracks so you can get an aural degustation of what’s out there, before committing to a sit-down meal. 

There are countless others, and many in the community, linking together to ensure simple navigation down infinite sonic wormholes. But be warned, to retrace your steps through this labyrinth it pays to leave a trail of pixelated breadcrumbs.

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