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Amplifon Spring Hill

Ground Floor, 135 Wickham Terrace

4000 Spring Hill

Phone: 07 3018 1121

Phone: 07 3018 1121

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Monday 08:30 - 17:00

Tuesday 08:30 - 17:00

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We can help to enrich your personal and social experiences so that you can regain the joy of hearing and interacting in the world around you.

Parking Available

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Amplifon Spring Hill hearing clinic and hearing aids

Explore personalised hearing solutions at our Ground Floor, 135 Wickham Terrace hearing clinic. Schedule a free hearing test, and our skilled specialists will help you find the ideal hearing aid for your unique needs.

Directions and parking

Parking nearby Metered street parking. Multi level car park opposite clinic
By public transports Clinic is directly opposite the Council Multi level car park which is at the back of Central Railway Station. There is a lift at the back of Central station which comes up onto Wickham Terrace. There is a Free Spring Hill Loop bus which can be caught at Stop 57 in Queen Street (opposite the GPO near Post Office Square) which can drop you off at the corner of Wickham Terrace and Upper Edward Street (Stop 135) at side of City Tabernacle.
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We're taking care of your hearing.

1 We have over 70 years worth of experience.
2 A network of over 300 clinics in Australia.
3 No extra costs with lifetime aftercare.

Why Amplifon is different?

What sets our hearing clinics apart is our team of experienced hearing aid specialists committed to revolutionising your auditory experience. With a focus on personalised care, we address hearing loss through innovative solutions, making our clinic the distinctive choice for those seeking a meaningful improvement in hearing health.

Expert services at Ground Floor, 135 Wickham Terrace

Our experts at Ground Floor, 135 Wickham Terrace are ready to assist you with information on purchase costs, financing options, and other services such as hearing aid maintenance and professional cleaning.

They also provide ongoing support in the acquisition of various products, such as batteries and accessories.

Moreover, you can enjoy a free trial of our hearing aids. 

Amplifon hearing solutions

Are you noticing changes in your hearing? 

At Amplifon Spring Hill, we prioritise your hearing health. Take simple measures to prevent issues stemming from daily noise exposure, infections, or lack of regular check-ups. Our high-quality hearing services are tailored to your needs and include a diverse range of hearing aids:

  • Discrete In-the-ear or invisible (ITE) for comfort
  • Sleek Receiver-in-canal (RIC) for a slim profile
  • Perfect fit Behind-The-Ear (BTE)

Explore cutting-edge technology with our range of hearing solutions designed to suit your requirements and budget:

  • Ampli mini ITE and RIC: Small, nearly invisible, exceptional performance
  • Affordable Ampli easy BTE: Ensures high-quality performance
  • Comfortable Ampli energy RIC, ITE, and BTE: Battery-free hearing aids
  • Advanced Ampli connect RIC and BTE: Instant connectivity to TV or phone.

Quality hearing protection and accessories for hearing aids

Beyond hearing aids, Amplifon Spring Hill offers a diverse array of accessories, enriching your daily life. From music or TV enjoyment with headphones to tailored hearing protectors for water sports, we address various needs. Explore our selection of earplugs designed for different situations, including night-time use or during concerts.

For added convenience, our Amplifon clinic at Ground Floor, 135 Wickham Terrace presents a comprehensive range of hearing aid accessories, including dependable hearing aid batteries. Immerse yourself in quality hearing protection and accessories for optimal hearing health.

Range of offerings at Amplifon Spring Hill hearing centre

At our Amplifon Spring Hill hearing clinic, we provide an array of offerings, including:

  • State-of-the-art hearing devices
  • Tailored solutions for individual hearing needs
  • Assorted accessories complementing hearing aids
  • Items for the upkeep, cleaning, and maintenance of hearing devices
  • Hearing aid batteries and replacement parts
  • Off-the-shelf and personalised hearing protectors
  • Guidance and fitting services post-purchase
  • Tinnitus management solutions

Hearing device maintenance and reparation

Experience thorough maintenance and repair services at our Amplifon Spring Hill hearing clinic, covering:

- Fine-tuning of hearing aids
- Diagnostic assessments
- Repair or replacement options
- Rigorous quality checks
- Cleaning guidance.

 At Amplifon, we not only offer expert advice on optimal cleaning methods but also provide user-friendly products to simplify the process of maintaining your hearing aid.

Hearing loss and ear health insights

Discover more on ear health through our Amplifon blog and website. Testimonials from customers, practical guides on hearing aid usage and maintenance are available online. For personalised insights, engage in conversations with our expert hearing aid specialists at the Amplifon Spring Hill clinic, where they share their knowledge and answer your queries.

Our team of hearing aid experts at Ground Floor, 135 Wickham Terrace

In the Amplifon Spring Hill hearing clinic, our skilled hearing aid professionals employ specialised techniques to evaluate your hearing capabilities and fine-tune hearing aids according to your unique requirements. These professionals undergo extensive training, acquiring expertise in various fields including medical, physical, and technical domains.

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