Bluetooth hearing aids

Hearing aids with Bluetooth connectivity allow your loved ones to stay connected to a number of electronic devices, including phones, televisions and tablets’, so keeping in touch with family and friends is easy.

Traditional hearing aids can often limit the way they connect to the technologically advanced world we live in. Phones, audio players and headphones can all present issues, where they would have to remove their hearing aids if they wanted to listen to music/radio or a podcast/download. However, with today’s latest innovative smart technology, it’s now possible to connect their hearing aids with their electronic devices and stream sound directly through their hearing aids through Bluetooth connectivity.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth wireless technology allows communication to be exchanged between two or more electronic devices using short-wavelength radio waves. It is often used to connect on device to another, such as a wireless keyboard to a computer, or a hands-free headset to a phone and a hearing aid to their smartphone.

Bluetooth can transforms hearing aids into a wireless set of headphones, connecting them to mobile phones, televisions, laptops or personal audio players, to allow uninterrupted playback without interference.

Bluetooth can either connect with hearing aids directly, or via a separate device called a streamer, which relays the signal to the hearing aids.

What are the benefits of Bluetooth hearing aids?

A unique listening experience just for you

The Bluetooth signal can be shaped to match their personal requirements and settings, either through one or both of hearing aids giving them a natural listening experience. The hearing solution can mimic the behaviour of the intended device. E.g. Stream music into both ears or create a louder volume in one ear to be able to listen and talk as if they were using the telephone.

Remote control

Bluetooth enabled devices can also give them the ability to adjust volume of their hearing aids remotely, either by the device itself giving them complete control at their fingertips, or through the use of an assistive listening device called a streamer. This can be especially useful for hearing aids that have less accessible controls or no downloadable application.

Industry standard

Bluetooth is a standard protocol in the electronics industry, and isn't unique to any particular manufacturer of device or hearing aid, it’s more of a feature that comes with most devices. Connectivity is possible across a range of devices and platforms in a way that is secure and interference-free.

What Bluetooth hearing aids are available?

Our hearing aid solutions use the latest cutting edge technology and we have a ride range of hearing devices that are wireless and/or Bluetooth enabled which pushes the limits in technological advancements and provides them an exceptional listening experience. Some examples include Linx2 Range ….

Other hearing models may require the use of a streaming device which that has Bluetooth connectivity putting them in control of the volume, programmes and environmental changes. The streamer can turn a pair of hearing aids into a wireless pair of headphones giving them full freedom to explore the sounds around them.

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