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At Amplifon Canada, you can expect 1 stop solution with the widest selection of products from the top manufacturers in the hearing industry. We are not manufacturer biased, hence you can expect to get the most honest and trusted representation of different product options to serve you. Our top selling manufacturer products are from: Sivantos, Oticon, and Phonak.


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Highest technology standards are key in our selection of hearing aids. At Amplifon Canada, thanks to our trained experts and specialists, you can find the best solution to suit your needs.

Determining the right product

The most important factor, however, in trying to determine the right product is the compatibility of the device with the results of your hearing test. Having a variety of manufacturer option, allows us to find the right solution that is fit for your needs instead of a one size fit all approach. Other factors to consider are your lifestyle, your degree of need for discreteness, and your preferred level of dexterity. Based on these key factors, our hearing care professionals help you determine the right kind of equipment. You should be confident about wearing hearing aids and thus choosing the right device is of paramount importance.

We have a wide range of hearing aid devices from various manufacturers and we have further grouped them into five different categories for different types of lifestyles. Even the most minimal priced product accompanies the latest technology and will be perfect for any type of hearing loss. From discreet fitting to all types of traditional styles, we offer you everything. The entire range is aimed at providing the most flexible and personalized solution for individual lifestyle.

These product tiers could be categorized as:

  • Basic (for those who lead a quiet life).
  • Plus (for those who are exposed to moderate noisy environments).
  • Advanced  (for those spending a considerable proportion of their time in complex noisy environments).
  • Signature (for those who spend a high proportion of their time in a noisy environment).
  • Premier (for those who spend most of their time in noisy environments and use additional communication devices)

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