Celebrities Suffering from Hearing Loss

Published on Feb, 14, 2019

Hearing aids, for elderly patients, have become a part of everyday living. When searching for hearing amplifiers for the elderly, certain pointers need to be kept in mind. Hearing aids, for seniors, are available in a variety of formats. They can be chosen, depending on the lifestyle of the seniors. 

For some, wearing hearing aids is uncomfortable and even obtrusive. However, those with a hearing impairment must realize that there are famous people with hearing loss. 

Pete Townshend

Guitarist Pete Townshend lost all hearing, in one of his ears. This is a classic case of noise-induced hearing loss and was caused when one of his band members blew up a drumset.

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton was fitted with his first hearing aid in 1997. Attributed to both ageing, and, noise, presumably from his having to travel frequently in helicopters, the president set a precedent, publicly flaunting his hearing aids.

As these two examples rightly point out, there are celebrities with hearing aids. Wearing hearing aids does not make one look or feel any different. Infact, it makes one hear and live even better.

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