Benefits of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Published on Nov, 11, 2020

Staying connected to loved ones is more important now more than ever. COVID-19 has caused people to work from home, lead to people not being able to see friends and family in-person. Technology is not just a convivence, but it is essential now. Amplifon’s hearing aids with Bluetooth are designed to ease virtual interactions by streaming sound straight from a technology source and into your ear to connect you to your world.

What is Bluetooth?

What is Bluetooth technology? Bluetooth technology covers a wide range of functions. You might have used it to connect a smartphone to a speaker, but it can also be used to connect your hearing aids to compatible devices. Bluetooth hearing aids simplify sound reception from audio sources by relaying sound directly to the hearing aid from the device. Bluetooth hearing aids stream sound straight from a technology source into your ear. Whether you’re watching TV or talking on the phone, the sound will stream from the monitor using radio waves with no intermediary device needed.

When was Bluetooth invented? Bluetooth technology was first invented in 1994, though the first Bluetooth phone didn’t come out until 2001. The technology was conceived for wireless voice calls, but it has developed over the past two and a half decades to the point where Bluetooth can be used with most devices.

How does Bluetooth work? Bluetooth is a radio-wave technology designed to communicate over short distances. It links up your devices using wireless technology without an intermediary device or a cord. Bluetooth can be used on a variety of electronic devices, and its functions include file sharing, device pairing and wireless music and accessories.

What technology is Bluetooth compatible with? Your Bluetooth hearing aids can sync up to any other Bluetooth-enabled device. Devices include TV, computers, smartphones, tablets, GPS systems and MP3 players. Bluetooth hearing aids can connect to multiple devices and switch between them as well.

Hearing aids with Bluetooth capability

Amplifon offers several options for connectable Bluetooth compatible hearing aids. There are both RIC (receiver in canal) and BTE (behind the ear) hearing aid models available.

RIC models are connectable hearing aids that are equipped with personalized hearing and natural sound quality, with discreet designs. They provide fully featured Bluetooth connectivity for you to use for music, calls and TV. These models have a newly designed rocker switch and optional telecoil, which makes it a great option for people who value discretion in a high-performing device. 
BTE models have adaptive directional microphones, the BTE connectable hearing aids harmonize your voice and surrounding sounds to provide natural sound quality and speech understanding in noise. These styles have slightly larger size for easy handling and fits comfortably behind the ear style and the other style has a slim profile for ultimate discretion. Both are designed to adapt to your individual hearing needs.  
Each of these Bluetooth rechargeable hearing aids comes with lithium-ion batteries. These batteries provide more than 12 hours of battery life and will recharge during the night with ease.

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Benefits of Bluetooth hearing aids

Bluetooth hearing aids allow for a seamless experience with other devices, and there are many benefits to using connectable technology. You can easily switch between many connected devices and use remote control for your hearing aid programs and settings. A standard protocol means there will be a uniform functionality across your devices, and you’ll still have the discretion of a small hearing aid. The hearing aid also provides a personalized listening experience based on your environment. 
For daily use, the adaptable listening experience can help in a variety of situations. Bluetooth hearing aid streamers allow you to set your TV’s volume at the correct level for your hearing aids, which may be different than the volume coming from the TV’s speakers. This can prevent arguments with family about the volume level, and you won’t need to worry about sound distortion either. You also have the option to stream sound to just one hearing aid instead of both.

Talking on the phone will be easier as well, since Bluetooth will stream sound signals directly to the hearing aid. Data transmission goes straight to your ear, and when you hang up, you can switch your connected device to your TV or computer. 
Bluetooth hearing aids also eliminate the need for headphones, since these hearing aids can act as earbuds for your music, podcasts or any other audio. You can think of your hearing aids like wireless earbuds and forget about headphone cords getting in the way. You’ll also save money – there’s no need to purchase a separate Bluetooth headset for hearing aid wearers. 
Though Bluetooth is an advanced technology, you don’t have to be an expert to utilize Bluetooth connectivity with your hearing aids. To connect a device, look for the Bluetooth symbol found in a device’s settings, and make sure it’s turned on. Your hearing aid will be listed as one of the compatible devices, and all you must do is click. Your hearing aids will then be able to connect to any of your other devices. 
Bluetooth technology is safe, secure and reliable. With the help of hearing aids with Bluetooth, you’ll be able to make the most out of your relationships, stay productive at work and enjoy your downtime. 

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