Take Care of Your Hearing this Holiday season!

Published on Dec, 24, 2021

It’s finally the holiday season! This time of year, is usually filled with holiday parties and time with family and friends, but everything is upside down due to COVID. It’s essential to stay in contact with the people you love all year-round, but it’s crucial at this time of year. Don’t let hearing loss keep you from experiencing everything this season has to offer even if you can’t be in person with those you love.

Check out our favourite holiday activities and how hearing aids can help you experience them to their fullest during COVID-19.

Holiday Service

A holiday service may usually present you with several listening situations ranging from loud music, to quiet conversations with those around you or a single speaker at the front of a large room. This year, since you likely won't be in person, an alternative is to stream it from home. Easily and discreetly control the volume or settings of your hearing aids when virtually attending your service using your hearing aid app. It takes less time than sending a text message!


Holiday parties and gatherings are something we usually look forward to this season, but this will likely be done virtually this year in order to keep everyone safe. Our Speech Isolation technology allows you to listen with ease in any situation, even when you’re on a video call with all your loved ones to celebrate the season. There are three key components which allow for easier listening: noise reduction to minimize background noise, directionality to focus on the voice of the speaker and amplification to target the speaker over all other sounds. With Speech Isolation, you won’t miss a single joke or story this holiday.

Winter Stroll

Nothing like a cool, brisk walk after a big holiday meal! Wind can often pose a problem for hearing aid wearers. Our Wireless Windscreen feature does more than just block wind noise; it replaces the wind noise in one hearing aid with desirable sound, like a companion’s speech, from the other hearing aid. It also allows you to perceive where the sound is coming from, which many wind reduction technologies are not able to do.

Holiday Concert

No matter if you’re virtually attending a children’s choir or a professional orchestra, we love the sound of holiday music. Hearing aids will ensure you don’t miss a single note. While we may potentially not be able to attend concerts in person, this setting is ideal for listening to live music performances. Its extended dynamic range is specially designed to handle the varying fluctuations in volume at a concert for maximum enjoyment. If your friends and family are still struggling in these situations, have them schedule an appointment!

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