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Winners picked monthly.

Congrats to the winners!

Congrats to the winners of the ‘Win a $5,000 Luxury Escapes Gift Card’ campaign. Below is the list of all the winners. We will be contacting the winners via email  & phone in the coming days.

Winners of $5,000 Luxury Escapes Gift Card

June winner: Peter (VIC)
July winner: Wayne (VIC)
August winner: Gary (NSW)

Winners of Audeara Headphone

June winners:

  1. Nakeah (QLD)
  2. Yar (VIC)
  3. Wayne (VIC)
  4. Kevin (NSW)
  5. Hong (NSW)
  6. Phillip (NSW)
  7. Joe (QLD)
  8. John (TAS)
  9. Debra (WA)
  10. Lyn (VIC)

July winners:

  1. Mariana (VIC)
  2. Stephen (NSW)
  3. Gregory (NSW)
  4. Margaret (WA)
  5. Guanping (NSW)
  6. Judy (QLD)
  7. Rodney (NSW)
  8. Stuart (3199)
  9. Kelly (NSW)
  10. Teresa (QLD)

August winners:

  1. Paula (WA)
  2. Paul (VIC)
  3. Diann (VIC)
  4. Peter (VIC)
  5. Virginia (NSW)
  6. Freddie (NSW)
  7. Christine (QLD)
  8. Claire (TAS)
  9. Ximiao (VIC)
  10. Charles (VIC)

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