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Jun, 12, 2019

Podcasts are quickly becoming part of daily life. With billions of episodes online, you can find a podcast on any imaginable interest, hobby or genre – from true crime epics to scientific minutiae or TED talks that can change your worldview. Now you can listen to podcasts by streaming them direct to your hearing aid.

Your favourite podcast

Once you’ve signed into your preferred music streaming services and downloaded your favourite podcasts, you’ll have two main ways to stream them directly into your hearing aid:

  1. Pairing with your smartphone.
    If you have wireless Bluetooth hearing aids, the simplest way to stream podcasts (and music) is through Bluetooth. You can do this by pairing your hearing aids with your smartphone in your phone’s Bluetooth settings. After your devices are paired, you’ll be able to stream sound directly into your hearing aids, giving you much clearer sound quality.
  2. Using a Bluetooth streamer. 
    You can also stream podcasts, audio books or music to your hearing aid via a Bluetooth streamer, which can be worn around your neck. This device then connects wirelessly to your hearing aid. Ask your audiologist about Bluetooth streamers for your brand of hearing aid.

Even if you don’t have Bluetooth hearing aids, remember you can still listen to podcasts like everyone else: on your phone or computer. When choosing podcasts, our audiologists recommend shows that have clear narration. Try to avoid podcasts that use too many sound effects or where multiple people talk at once, as this can be difficult to understand for people with hearing aids. We hope that helps and happy podcasting!

Our Podcast Picks

We’re huge fans of podcasts at Amplifon. Here are a few of our (nice and clear) favourites:

  • The Daily: a daily morning news podcast by the NY Times
  • S-Town: a brilliant true-crime podcast
  • Stuff You Should Know: a podcast that solves the mystery behind everyday things
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