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Hearing Aid Prices Explained

Sep, 23, 2020

What is the cost of hearing aids?

Digital hearing aid prices can vary based on your unique requirements, your lifestyle and other factors. While they may be costly to start with, buying hearing aids is an investment in your health and wellbeing, allowing you to enjoy all the things you love with greater clarity and reduced background noise.

Although the cost of hearing aids in Australia can vary, it’s important to remember that government subsidies are available for eligible pensioners. Flexible interest-free payment plans are also available, allowing you to pay off your hearing aids over the course of 12, 24 or 36 months.

Purchasing your hearing aids from a trusted audiologist not only helps to ensure that you find the right fit for your personal needs, but that you receive the care and support you require as you adjust to your new hearing aids. It can take time to get used to a new pair of hearing aids, but with the help of the friendly staff at your local Amplifon clinic, you’ll learn how to use your hearing aids and receive assistance when you need it most.

Unlike other types of technology, hearing aids do also require some aftercare, with most needing to be adjusted to ensure that you get the most from them. As your hearing and lifestyle needs change over time, the audiologists at Amplifon can help to make any adjustments you may need.

Why does the cost of quality hearing aids vary so much?

There are many reasons why the cost of hearing aids in Australia do vary. The top three reasons can include:

  1. The extent of your hearing loss

    Hearing loss is something that can vary greatly between those living with the condition. Some people may only experience a very mild case, while others may live with a more severe level of hearing loss. Your own level of hearing loss may, in part, determine how expensive your hearing aid will be. If you require a more powerful hearing aid, the costs are likely to be higher than if you only needed a basic model.

  2. The types of sound environments you’re frequently exposed to

    Much like the level of hearing loss that you experience, the kinds of sound environments that you’re regularly exposed to can influence the final cost of your hearing aids. If you love to spend time in bustling cafes catching up with friends, more often than not you’ll be exposed to more background noise than someone who prefers to spend time at home enjoying a cup of coffee with family. While it’s important that your hearing aid can adapt to the environment you’re in, the model best suited to your lifestyle, and its cost, may vary.

  3. The types of features that are most important to you

    Everyone’s preferences are different, especially when it comes to selecting hearing aid features. While some people prefer a model that simply amplifies sound and reduces background noise, others might be after a hearing aid with a few more features. If you’re seeking a model that can be controlled using your smartphone, that is able to be transformed into a set of wireless headphones or has rechargeable batteries, you can expect to pay more for these additional features.
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How are hearing aids and cars alike when it comes to cost?

A great way to think about how digital hearing aid prices vary is to compare these handy devices to cars. Just like cars, there are many different makes and models of hearing aids available, with each offering its own unique set of features. Of course, a small car that simply gets you from A to B will be less expensive than a luxury model that’s packed with features, and the same goes for hearing aids.

You may only require a small hatchback that’s perfect for running errands, while someone else may need a model that can not only fit the whole family comfortably, but can also handle a variety of different terrains. This rings true for hearing aids too.

If your hearing loss is mild, chances are that you’ll require a model that is different to that needed by someone with greater hearing loss. You may need a hearing aid that helps to make one on one conversations easier, one that reduces background noise and is suited to a variety of sound environments, or something in between. As everyone with hearing loss has slightly different needs, the cost of hearing aids differ too.

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