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The 5 quietest places on earth

Jun, 23, 2019

Our selection of tranquil destinations

The sounds of civilisation are always with us in one form or another; the hum of the computer, the ticking of a clock, the refrigerator or air conditioner burring away, or the whirr of cars passing by. However, there are places so remote that human noise is virtually non-existent and it is the sounds of nature that capture your attention.

We have scoured the globe to seek out the quietest places on earth, to provide you with once in a lifetime experiences.

Canada - Grasslands National Park

The wide-open plains of the Grassland National Park offer solitude and a wealth of spectacular views and encounters with unique wildlife. Walk through its pristine wilderness to gaze upon dinosaur bones, tipi rings and catch a glimpse of a prairie homestead on the distant horizon, it is like stepping back in time. 

To take a break from walking, jump aboard a horse and wagon to embrace your pioneering spirit. At night, sleep beneath a canopy of brilliant stars. Bison, timber wolves and 195 species of bird call this magical place home. Highlights include: Prince Albert National Park, Fort Walsh National Historic Site and Motherwell National Historic Site.


Its breathtaking scenery defines Iceland; fertile valleys, snow-capped mountains, lava fields, vivid blue fjords, volcanic craters, mineral-rich baths, ice tunnels and glacial rivers.

You can enjoy its striking natural wonders on a tour, or hire a car, take to the road and stop and stay wherever you like. The natural wonders that await include: Sönghellir “singing cave”, Gullfoss or the Golden Waterfall, a breathtaking two-tiered waterfall that drops 32 metres into a narrow canyon 70 metres deep and 2.5 kilometres long, and Jökulsárlón, a picturesque glacial lagoon.

For the best chance of experiencing the extraordinary northern lights, visit Iceland in early autumn through to late spring and escape the city lights. The newly opened Kemi Seaside Glass Villas by the Bay of Bothnia is an exceptional way to experience the spectacular light show.

Russia – Kronostky Nature Reserve

It was only in 2011 that The Kronsky Nature Reserve was opened up to limited numbers of tourists. As a strictly protected nature reserve, the sounds of nature take centre stage.

There are no roads, so the only way to access the reserve is via a stunning helicopter ride. Thousands of acres of dramatic untouched landscape await with many rare experiences to behold, including the geyser fields which are regarded as one of the most spectacular in the world. 

You’ll also experience the impressive snow-crowned Kronotsky Volcano, steam fountains erupting from geysers, thermal fields, colorful earthen chambers, hot springs, streams and waterfalls. Its inhabitants include the Kamchatka brown bear, snow sheep, sea eagles, falcons, butterflies and a wealth of endangered flora.

The tours focus on eco-information, which involves observing nature in a unique geothermal region. You can take one day guided tours or you may like to take a three-day walking tour to experience the Uzon Volcano caldera and the Valley of the Geysers.

Sri Lanka – Sinharaja Forest Reserve

This national park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of Sri Lanka’s most significant conservancy efforts. Wildlife far outnumbers humans and numerous birds, butterflies, rare amphibians and mammals can be found here under the shelter of trees reaching up to 45 metres. 

A majority of the trees are rare or endangered. It is difficult to reach but worth the effort and the only way to get about is on foot. You are far more likely to hear the chorus of tropical birds than man made sounds.

United States - The Hoh Valley

Washington’s Olympic Peninsula boasts some of the most undeveloped national park land in the United States, as highlighted with the picturesque beauty of the Hoh Valley. This temperate rainforest with its 922,000 acres of unspoiled land and the least amount of roads in the continental U.S., is serene.

Lakes, rivers, mountain views, beaches, waterfalls and enormous moss-covered trees and paths can be enjoyed from the various walking trails available. Highlights include the Hall of Mosses, the Spruce Nature Trail and the 5 Mile Island Hike. River otters, elk, bobcats and an abundance of bird life live here; there is plenty to appreciate.

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