Amplifon Rewards Friendship

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Take advantage of our recommend a friend programme!

Free gift card worth £50 each!

With Amplifon you can invite your friends to take a free hearing test. For each friend who goes on to take a free hearing aid trial or buys hearing aids, you will both receive a £50 gift voucher. 

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. You recommend a friend to take a hearing test
  2. Your friend calls their local Amplifon store and books a free hearing test
  3. Your friend comes to the store and takes a free trial or purchases hearing aids
  4. You will both receive a £50 Voucher
  5. From the third friend onwards your voucher will increase to £100

You can choose to receive your gift voucher from your local Amplifon store or via SMS or E-Mail by visiting

For more details and full Terms and Conditions on Recommend a Friend, please visit

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