10 celebrities who have hearing loss

Last update on Oct, 21, 2021

According to the World Health Organization, there are about 466 million people suffering from hearing loss in the world, a number that according to the body is destined to grow over the years due to the little attention to ear health.

Regardless of whether the triggering cause is physiological or environmental, hearing loss is a common disorder, so much so that it is acclaimed especially in the world of music and well known even among several well-known people in politics and cinema. Let's discover 10 famous people who suffer from hearing problems, for many of whom the hearing aid is an indispensable device.

Famous musicians and singers with hearing loss

The music sector is one of the most affected by hearing problems, mainly due to the fact that musicians and singers find themselves exposed to very high sounds and frequencies every day. Among the most famous musicians and singers who have admitted to suffering from hearing loss we find international stars of the caliber of:

1. Pete Townshend, musician of the Who, suffering from hearing loss and tinnitus. In particular, his hearing loss is transmissive and is the result of a life marked by music and concerts. For Pete Townshend, wearing a hearing aid is both a personal and professional necessity.

2. Eric Clapton, a well-known British musician and singer, suffers from hearing loss too and, like his colleague, is the bearer of awareness messages on how important it is to wear adequate protection, especially during concerts, to preserve ear health.

3. Phil Collins, the famous singer and composer of "Another day in paradise" was hit by hearing loss in 2011 which seems to have been caused, in his case, not only by the musical profession, but also by strong stress.

Hollywood actors with hearing loss

Although we usually see them parading on the red carpet at their best physical shape, behind a perfect appearance in our eyes, Hollywood actors can hide small or large discomforts caused by the most common disorders and diseases. An example of this is hearing loss, which is particularly widespread in the world of international cinema. Among the award-winning Hollywood actors who suffer from hearing loss we find:

4. the beloved Whoopi Goldberg, who lives with a conductive hearing loss, a direct consequence of excessive exposure to sounds and frequencies that are too high, as she herself declares. For Goldberg, the hearing aid is an indispensable support.

5. Halle Berry, the actress whose fame was enshrined in numerous blockbuster films including Catwoman in 2004, appears to be suffering from hearing loss caused by a head injury.

6. Jodie Foster, the famous protagonist of "The Silence of the Lambs", told the press that she struggled to accept her hearing problem, so much so that she ignored it and refused the use of any hearing aid. A choice that, however, did not last long and was soon replaced by the awareness of how important it is to take care of your hearing.

7. The charming Rob Lowe, on the other hand, has unilateral hearing loss, precisely in the right ear, caused by a presumed mumps not diagnosed in time.

8. Marlee Matlin, whose hearing loss has accompanied her since birth, is the most famous deaf actress in Hollywood, known and much loved for her role in 1987 in "Children of a Lesser God" which allowed her to win an Oscar. Matlin uses sign language and is very active in associations engaged in the treatment of deafness.

International politicians with hearing loss

Hearing loss among famous people is not confined to the world of show business but also affects the international political landscape, where the precarious hearing health of two former US presidents, Ronald Regan and Bill Clinton, is particularly well known.

9. Ronald Regan, 40th president of the United States, began wearing hearing aids during his tenure, publicly declaring hearing loss in order to raise awareness of the importance of using hearing aids to combat hearing loss.

10. Even Bill Clinton, in office from 1993 to 2001, has always admitted to suffering from a hearing loss and has taken on the problem over the years, so as not to give up and give his best in institutional and personal commitments.

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