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Michael's Story
Last update on Mar, 05, 2019

Michael has been working in the hearing healthcare industry since 2010, but his first experience troubleshooting a hearing aid was at the age of four. His Grandmother has been profoundly hard of hearing since he could remember. He actually disassembled her analog BTE as a boy, "I let my imagination run wild and thought I could use it as a spy device," Michael recalls. Years later, he was intrigued in pursuing a career in hearing healthcare. He has been helping his patients hear better days since.

Michael strives to help them enjoy all the sounds of life, every day.

"Every individual has a story. Uncovering issues my clients face allows me to take the proper steps to improving their hearing health. Witnessing the vast improvement that a hearing device can bring to one’s social life and overall quality of life allows me to derive great meaning from the work that I do and keeps me inspired."

Although hearing loss is not visible, Michael knows it can be incredibly debilitating for those experiencing it. Passionate about counselling his clients, Michael strives to help them enjoy all the sounds of life, every day.

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