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Make everyday life easier: light alarm, bell amplifier & more

Here you will find accessories that make everyday life easier with optical signals, among other things. At Amplifon you will find, for example, doorbell transmitters, smoke detectors or alarm clocks that have been specially developed for people with deafness.

Vibrating cushion "Bellman 1271"
Vibrating cushion "Bellman 1271"

Silent signal transmitter, which can be connected eg to the alarm clock "Bellman Alarm Clock Pro 1370".

Alarm Clock "Bellman Pro 1370"
Alarm Clock "Bellman Pro 1370"

Very loud alarm sound. This alarm increases the level. The sound is supported by extremely bright flashes and vibration.

Telephone signal transmitter "Bellman 1431"
Telephone signal transmitter "Bellman 1431"

Signals incoming telephone calls and can also be used as a universal transmitter for any purpose.

Grey Phone Transmitter for Hearing impaired - Brand Bellman
Doorbell transmitter "Bellman 1411"

Integrated microphone detects up to three different rings. Is able to learn melodies. including external microphone.

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