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How to deal with ear hair

Jun, 23, 2023
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Each part of our body has a distinct purpose, with each fulfilling a crucial and essential role. However, the precise function of ear hair has raised curiosity. Several theories attempt to explain the presence of hair in our ears. Its primary purpose appears to be protect our inner ear, specifically the eardrums, against bacteria. Typically, ear hair can be found on the tragus of the ear, the ear canal, the antitragus, the earlobe, and the helix.

Based on the findings of scientist David Liebovitz, the existence or nonexistence of specific hormones, like testosterone, can have a notable impact on the follicles responsible for hair growth. These hormones frequently impede the growth of hair in certain areas of the body, specifically the ears, nose, and eyebrows. Additionally, they can cause the hair to become rougher and thicker with age.

How to remove ear hair?

For a number of people, the presence of hair in specific body areas is not visually appealing, especially when it comes to hair inside the ear. For this reason, many people seek methods to remove ear hair. To ensure the safety of the ear canals, it is crucial to explore effective techniques for removing ear hair without posing any potential harm.

With a nose and ear hair trimmer

If you wish to get rid of ear hair using trimmer, here's how:

First, clean your ears by washing them thoroughly and delicately remove any remaining earwax or dirt using a clean cotton swab.

Next, select your preferred electric trimmer designed for nose and ear hair and position yourself in a well-lit area.

Once you have a clear view of the hair you wish to trim, proceed to trim it gently. To maneuver the trimmer with ease, apply minimal pressure for a more thorough result. 

With round-tip scissors

Removing ear hair with round-tip scissors is one of the least invasive hair removal methods, particularly effective for thin and sparse hair.

What to avoid when removing ear hair

The best method for removing ear hair varies from person to person, as there is no universally optimal approach. However, there are certain methods that we strongly advise against, as they can potentially cause harm to your ear canals. Let's delve deeper into these methods to understand why they should be avoided.

Remove ear hair with wax

Waxing is among the most popular methods for removing ear hair. However, it holds considerable risks. Although it may appear as a quick and convenient solution, it is best to avoid using wax and depilatory creams in sensitive areas like the ears. Hair removal wax contains chemicals that can potentially lead to damage and irritation.

Pulling hair out of ear

Pulling out hair from the ears is not advisable due to the high sensitivity of the ear canals, which makes them susceptible to injury. Any trauma or injury inflicted upon these structures can potentially lead to hearing impairment or other complications, which is why it is important best to avoid this practice entirely. 

Using nail scissors or clippers

It is best to avoid using nail scissors or clippers to remove unwanted hair in order to prevent inflammation, injury, or the onset of infection. This method should be avoided due to its potential risks. Keep in mind that using nail scissors or clippers can also be excessively time-consuming, making it an impractical and unsuitable choice for your daily grooming routine.

How to remove ear hair permanently

If you are looking to remove ear hair permanently, laser treatments are your best choice. Laser hair removal treatments are a relatively painless and safe procedure conducted by licensed professionals, which can be applied to various areas of the body, including the ears.

The cost of laser ear hair treatment may vary. While these treatments can be relatively expensive, they are often recommended for their optimal and long-lasting results.

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