Hearing aid technology

Hearing aid technology is continually developing and as forerunners in adopting the latest innovative wearable hearing technology, you will be provided with all the up to date information and accessibility to new products right here or through your local Amplifon Audiologist.

Hearing aids are only going to become smarter at being able to understand your hearing needs in different environments and we want to be the first experts to show you new technology and how it can help you. Watch this space for new product launches.

  1. How to communicate with a hearing aid wearer

Wearing a hearing aid takes time to adjust and if you are communicating with a hearing aid wearer, they have to work a little bit harder to communicate with friends and family. Read some simple tips to help communicate with a hearing aid wearer.

  1. New products

Watch this space for new product launches, updates in hearing aid technology that can have an immediate impact on your day to day life.


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Discover our range of products offering the latest in cutting edge hearing technology and see how you could improve your hearing.

Sounds of Streetview

Sounds of Street View is a digital explorative sound experiment which we have given users a 3-dimensional sound experience in a Street View environment. Sounds are designated as though they were ordinary Google Maps markers. Start exploring.

Turn your cycle data into a music track

We have pushed the boundaries of audio tech and creative to create an experience that emulates this. The project takes individuals Strava performance data and transforms it into music. Using the speed, duration, altitude and time of day of your ride, Cycle Tracks creates bespoke music and visuals that match the ride which can be enjoyed, edited and shared. Start making your track!

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