All Our Accessories for Your Hearing Aid

Hearing aid accessories for any need

Easy to reach anytime, anywhere, and understand others well on the phone: Amplifon has special phones and phones for the hard of hearing with extra large buttons and other useful hearing aid accessories for communication.

Wireless Resound Unite remote control 2 for hearing aids
Resound Unite remote control 2

Wireless ReSound remote control for hearing aids with program buttons and volume control. The remote control can also control the Audio Beamer 2.

Phonak charger powerpack
Phonak Power Pack

The Power Pack, designed to be attached to the Charger Case, has been designed to charge hearing aids anytime, anywhere. Charging without socket is possible. 

Talk Microphone "Phonak RemoteMic" for hearing aids
Talk Microphone "Phonak RemoteMic"

Talks in a noisy environment and over distance, with reception microphones of the hearing aid are attenuated, natural sound quality, up to 8 hours of battery life, RemoteMic complements the Phonak ComPilot

A black mini Phonak charger 
Phonak Mini Charger - compact version

The Phonak Mini Charger is a handy way to charge your hearing aids in a discrete manner. It offers the same features as the Phonak Charger Case, but it is smaller. This means that it is easier to store and requires less space.

Tailored egger's ear canal headphones
Tailored in-ear headphones

The perfect connection between ear and headphone: ear canal monitor plastic. When it matters to every tone, Egger's ear canal monitor plastic creates the optimal connection between hearing and mini earphones.

Hearing aid remote control "Phonak PilotOne"
Remote control "Phonak PilotOne"

Quick and easy hearing aid control with volume and program selection button, home button to reset as well as a key lock and loop attachment loop.

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