All Products to Keep Your Device Clean

Cleaning products for your hearing aid

It’s important to take care of your hearing aids, not only to maintain high performance levels, but it will help minimise any potential problems you may experience with everyday use. Regular cleaning and maintenance can extend the life of your hearing aids, ensuring you are capturing all the sounds of life every single day.

Hearing aids are your daily companion and are therefore used in all weathers and in all life situations. This causes the hearing aids to become soiled by, for example, sweat, cosmetics or earwax. For this reason, regular cleaning is recommended. To properly care and clean your hearing aids, you will find here some products for cleaning and maintenance. So you not only keep your device hygienically clean, but can also extend its lifespan. For a complete care and cleaning of your hearing aids we offer you our ampliclear products, eg cleaning tablets, cleaning spray or cleaning cans, which thoroughly clean and disinfect your earmolds.

For on the way are also excellent ampliclear cleaning wipes.

To dry your hearing aids optimally, an electronic dry box is recommended. 

The ampliclear Airball (Puster) is suitable for cleaning the sonic tubes and for removing residual fluid.

Our hearing aid cleaning kit

The Ampliclear range includes everything you need to take care of your hearing aids. It consists of wipes, cleaning tablets, spray and aerosol allowing you to do a thorough cleaning at home. The maintenance products of the Ampliclear range are specially adapted for the cleaning of in-ear hearing aids and earloops. Daily cleaning with cleaning products allows you to maintain the comfort and performance of your appliances. In addition to this, taking care of your hearing aids can optimize their lifespan.

Wipes, spray and other cleaning products

For the maintenance of your hearing aids, the Ampliclear range offers you a spray or cleaning wipes. These products eliminate earwax and have an acti-bacterial effect. For a more thorough maintenance of your ear tips and hearing aids, we advise you to choose cleaning tablets. These are used with Ampliclear cleaning cups.

Products to dry your hearing aid

Drying and aerosol capsules are specially designed to help you eliminate moisture and perform optimal drying of your hearing aids. You can also choose a hearing aid drying box, which not only eliminates moisture and water from your hearing aids, but also helps to limit the proliferation of bacteria through its UV system.

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